Asthma Attack and Asthma Prevention Ways

Asthma and Environmental Factors, Asthma Insect Relation

The most disturbing of allergens in the air, dust mixed in as invisible to the eye so the tiny insects. There was these creatures to the naked eye, carpets or furnishings not face living in right understanding, is impossible. These insects are usually found in bedrooms and bathrooms in places like the naked navigate. Because the skin, spilled feed on tiny particles. Of course, those allergic to these insects, attempted to call them is not true. No one wants to believe that lived in the house of such insects. However, these insects have at home, does not indicate that the house dirty. Even the cleanest homes, such monsters is impossible to completely purify.

However, the person, without placing himself in trouble over the house, cleaning of such creatures as possible. First, the insects, cotton, wool, hair must not forget they live in such natural substances. Therefore, synthetic materials, mattresses and pillows to fill their insides, would be a useful first step. Already most of asthmatics, is allergic to feather, feather-filled pillows do not use. Synthetic pillow interiors, more easily cleaned than feathers. In addition, the sheets made ​​from material which they may be, should be washed at least once a week. This is to prevent insects spreading out mattresses and mattresses, plastic coated.

Electric broom can be used in order to get rid of these insects. However, only visible places and places of carpet cleaning . Bottoms of merchandise and even bedspreads, quilts and blankets should be kept in the cleaner.

The goal is to destroy airborne by a bug in the curtain and swept floors. Insect hiding places and provided food and clothes for both the middle and should not be dispersed. These insects, sun and prefer damp environments. For this reason, the home, especially bedrooms and bathrooms, and plenty of as frequently as possible and ventilated. However, the asthmatic patients allergic to pollen, pollen in the air as the days of plenty of ventilation to engage in business, would not be right.

Cleaning job, vacuuming, do one of the non-allergic physique, will be better. If this business has to make himself astımlının, pour powders have to cover your face. For this purpose, attached to a mask covering the nose and mouth.

Relationship between pollen and asthma

Pollen in the air, of course, vacuum cleaner removed. Opportunity ones, in order to clean the house in the pollen filter is connected to an air purifying device can benefit from pollen. Some vehicles have air-conditioning systems to prevent pollen from entering into the vehicle. Many different types of pollen allergen, although the biggest problem for asthmatics, often creates the tree and grass pollens. Another colorful flowers and fragrant flowers, pollen carried by bees and other contrast, grass and tree pollens, other plants in order to achieve the air .

In some countries, local radios, notify the amount of pollen in the atmosphere sometimes. This count, together give an idea of the dangers of asthmatics gezmen out, but limited benefit. Because this census, which kind of pollen in the air the incomprehensible. In addition, the amount of pollen in the air, different time of day is different. The highest count in a dry summer day, mornings and late afternoon between lunch will be obtained. Ground-level counts, because of the low will rise due to hot weather at noon, the evening air, the coolness will decrease with the re-descent. Occur in March or April, asthma, probably caused by tree pollen allergy needed. Herbs, usually in June and July, pollen, fungi spores in until early autumn.
Pollen counts, also depends on the weather conditions. Warm and rainy spring, the plants grow quickly and abundant amounts of pollen into the air causing salmalarına sit down. However, much of the pollen season, rainfall, allows purification of the air pollen. On the other hand, dry air, pollen in the air allows you to easily . The worst days in terms of asthmatics, pollen in the air easily flyin ', dry and windy weather.

Asthmatics, pollen in the air they can not do much to prevent the fuzziness. However, pollen is abundant, the months, must stand away from wooded areas and wilderness. Or more drugs to help them understand that the needles desensitisation sickest patients, less pollen in the air transportation of the sea coast or the hills can be helpful.

Relationship Between Asthma and Exercise and Stress

Self-help, of course, only determine the allergens and avoiding them does not occur. Many asthma, physical exercises while in crisis due to stress or could. This crisis, has no relation to the presence of allergens. Physical attack is doing the exercises, so it is unnecessary given up to do sports. Asthma, controlled breathing exercises to expand the capacity to do, is often helpful. As for stress, bothering us from events is impossible to completely avoided. Moreover,

However, maybe this is not the events of life, it would be too monotonous. But understanding the causes and consequences of stress can reduce the negative effects. Physical exercises posed by asthma, breathing as a result of excessive motion that would give control of time is lost. Therefore, asthmatics, they educate users about how the body moves Will Do. First you must learn to breathe correctly. Most people take a deep breath to fill the lungs with air and career paths. However, that is right, the upper part of the abdomen to fill with air. All air fills the lower part of the ribs, lungs, stretch. Breast blowing Struggling to breathe, the person increases the tension. Take a deep breath, to relax the person. However, the right needs to be done to achieve the purpose. Breathing to relax the person should be tried for lying down or sitting breathing conditions. Asthmatic, usually prefers to sit just to breathe.

Received asthma care in a crisis to show how to breathe, would be beneficial for the patient. Asthma attacks and fear because of the crisis, causing the patient to receive more frequent and shallow breaths. Intervals as long as possible and take a deep breath, the patient's control and less anxiety lose contributes to hear.

"Autogenous" relaxation method, a method is called, has provided great benefits in some asthmatics. "Self-creation" which means this method, the following kinds of phrases recur relaxing inside "My arms are heavy and warm" and "breath equilibration, regular and slow." In this method, you need an expert to teach. But the other, after learning the method itself, when it deems necessary to repeat these words can relax.

An asthmatic who want to make intense body movements, movements, one should take care . Make five or ten minutes warming up before intense exercise, will be useful. Physical fitness of athletes, they do not get by spending all their energies must not be forgotten anytime. After several minutes of intense exercise lasting a few minutes to relax can be helpful. Many sports can be successful by following this method. Asthmatic, comfortable sport's play by taking advantage of natural prolonged stoppages, should take deep breaths. In addition, some sports, or were made ​​in the form of energy because of spending, is more suitable for asthmatics. For example, swimming, the best for the asthmatics, dusty roads, horseback riding, the worst sports :

In some asthmatics, the gym humidifiers contain between them. Inhale salbutamol type drugs, may be useful to prevent asthma caused by body movements. However, in view of the doctor before using these drugs at the gym, should be taken. On the other hand the gym to get bronkodilatadolan is not true. These drugs contain ephedrine type stimulants, excessive force may cause the patient himself.

Exercise on the rules, similar to the stress . Body due to anxiety, intense body movements to stimulate the preparation is stimulated. The most important problem in cases of daily stress, stress from physical activity due to sticks through. Stress can be done about the best thing to stress is causing concern ourselves more. Person, self-biting problem for a few minutes away my mind, reduce muscle tension, should be deep and slow breaths. Lungs instead of air to expel the air slowly emptying itself must wait.
People nervous, loose them to, "Relax," they must mean something other than. First, tense muscles in the body which determined that, after the exercise is done in order to loosen the muscles. Despite the availability of good books that shows the basic relaxation methods, to participate in courses taught relaxation therapy, may be useful

What to do when an asthma attack?

Asthmatics, some information about the crisis should do when it comes, given the above. Deep and slow breathing, and severe crises often take advantage of being of at home should be kept in an oxygen tube, as well as asthmatics undergoing crisis, to make it easier to breathe, seated upright. Crises usually came at night in the bedroom for a comfortable armchair, or bed, the patient could sit back put a pillow is a large, can be helpful. Allergenic pillow to avoid synthetic materials must be filled out.

Those who have difficulty sleeping, sleeping pills may take a slight suggestion of a doctor. However, these drugs is an important part of the brain that controls breathing affected areas to give breathing is difficult. So instead of sleeping pills before going to bed drink a bit preferable. Before doing this drink, the patient must consult a doctor to make sure that does not affect the other drugs.

Asthma is the best way to fight the crisis, to prevent them coming. To do this, claimed is not so easy. However, there are still some basic rules to remember. First of all asthma, medication should be carried to and at regular intervals. Drugs, not managed can not be useful as long. Second, the patient, learning to use a peak flometre approach able to understand the crisis approached. This device, resulting in a change in breathing function, the patient can determine consciousness before arriving. Finally, asthma, severe problems (not hesitate to consult a doctor without going over. Astımlıyı doctor complaining of chest accumulation of phlegm, sputum massage with the help of a physiotherapist to send atabilmesi. Of drugs does not provide enough protection case, a doctor, the patient may be useful in difficult periods, you can submit a different or additional remedies.

An asthmatic, but the most extreme cases, to apply for a PhD, and problems may have a preference on its own to fight. However, excessive pride and stubbornness, is not true. There are doctors to help patients and how this assistance is provided early so can be helpful.

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