After cutting the Post-Breastfeeding : Breastfeeding Status

After breastfeeding infants, breastfeeding quit Then

Exhausted by the baby sucking the breast. The most obvious symptom of this uyumasıdır. Are you tired götürmeli sleeping baby to bed?

No. Çıkarmazsanız swallowed by sucking the air, yavrunuz sound asleep after 10 minutes will start to cry. The first job, your child is to the gas. The most easy and convenient way for a child with a clean cloth laid perpendicular dayamaktır shoulder. 5-10 minutes and the baby's back gently circulates in this manner until the gas is hit out easily and comfortably asleep.

Many baby hiccups while or after taking breast is seen. Losses like that, do not need therapy. Increases enough to disturb your baby, your child feel uncomfortable in a two tablespoons of warm water that almost cuts hıçkırığı.


Some children vomit after they suck the breast. Mothers 'what if it all took off seven' even though they say the amount of 1-2 tablespoons per kusmalarla this kind does not hail. Gas well removed those children can become a habit. In addition, the vomiting often seen in irritable children.
If you must skate on it at all normal weight children. He pulled out again attempt to eat the breast. This is true for both the child's stomach, but also disrupts the discipline of nutrition.

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