Operations After Anesthesia

Chambers Back Rotation of the patients in the hospital

Most of the rooms of the patients to return to work with the anesthesiologist, is completed. However, patients in the hospital for problems that may arise during their late anesthesiologist will continue to pursue follow-up patients, early planned checks the effectiveness of pain treatment. Later, exchanging views with the surgical team of the respiratory, circulatory and central nervous system to normal functioning of all systems, especially in a no-spin, will check on this issue did not occur to any problem. These controls are a bit more remote and with the continued cooperation with the surgical team.

After anesthesia

Patients were fully protective reflexes back if that opened the conscience though, even if the organs are functioning within the normal range are at a certain period of time than the effect of anesthetic drugs. The duration of this effect varies from person to person. Patients began to open before anesthesia begins to come back to consciousness. During an initial orientation can be seen coming back to consciousness disorder. Patients sometimes where, for the bulunduklarını find it difficult to recognize and remember. Patients may complain that period without seeing double. May be short-term memory loss. May experience some hearing problems. However, dizziness can be seen in this period. These complaints are specific to the day of surgery the next day usually clears up by itself without sagging. Without such complaints a day after surgery, the conscience is completely opened, which prevents pain and hear the reason, the hospital stay in surgical patients do not have to walk from making the drugs was issued and sent to their homes after giving advice about what you would pay attention.

Complications of Anesthesia

Eve is sent to or withheld from the hospital will gradually return to normal in all patients. Nevertheless, these patients should have a companion with them. Patients find it difficult during the move. Going home alone tonight not figure this reason, patients need to pay attention.
Food and drink must pass slowly. This-Connection-vomiting is not in question need to start feeding with liquid food. First, start with small amounts of water with freshly squeezed fruit waters, then the amount gradually increased with liquids such as tea and lime should be continued. During this period, patients with milk, coffee, and chocolate foods should not, should not drink alcoholic beverages.

Even a little longer than 24 hours before the patients should not use the car, should not give important decisions related to the job, should not use any electrical and mechanical equipment. The effects of drugs in the past because it seems the body can be completely thrown. Now the drugs, even if a small amount of skill and decision-making skills of the negative effects.

Personnel Identification, Selection and Replacement

Article 7 - The patient, how to benefit from health services may request information about. This right, which according to the conditions in which health care institution faydalanılabileceğini, health institutions and organizations of all kinds provided by the service and the possibility of the organization that applied to what is happening and the health care benefit also covers the rights of the learning procedure. All health institutions and organizations, to inform the patient of the first paragraph uyannca having sufficient technical equipment to create the unit, this unit, the patient can give accurate and sufficient to employ permanent staff with qualifications and driver's license and easily accessible to the units to ensure patient's needs, the organization's appropriate informative parts of the signage, brochures and signs, such as taking the measures required to keep.

Article 9 - At the request of the patient, health care will give to him or give the identities of the physicians and other personnel, are informed about the duties and titles. Condition of the patient's compliance with the procedures established by the legislation, the staff will give him free choice of health care, treatment and other physicians interested in changing surgeon has the right to request a consultation. Personnel selection, surgeon to ask for change, and konsültasvon rights is used, the regulations determined by the price difference, it uses the patient taralından rights are met.

Article 15 - the patient, health status, medical procedures to be applied to him, their benefits and possible drawbacks, alternative methods of medical intervention, the possible consequences that may occur if treatment is not accepted, and in the course of the disease and the consequences have the right to request information orally or in writing. The necessary information about health status, the patient or the patient himself small, devoid of the power of appeal, or if a parent or guardian may request limited. The patient, health status also may authorize another person to obtain information about. Certification authority may be requested if deemed necessary.
The patient was treated with a non-physicians who are interested can obtain information on the health status of other tabipten.

Article 18 - Information, using an interpreter when necessary, the patient can understand, as far as possible the use of medical terms, without hesitation and doubt, and the patient's mental status is appropriate, and with a gentle expression.

Without Rizal Medical Ameliyeye course Tutulmama

Article 22 - Showing the law as exceptions, no one, without the consent and the consent shall be subjected to improper medical ameliyeye. That he committed a crime or offense committed by the person under suspicion of participating in the possible evidence that he or the victim's body is considered to be cases where the defendant or the victim to reveal this evidence to undergo medical ameliyeye, depends on the judge's decision. These operations in cases where delay is prejudicial, can be done at the request of public prosecutor.

Patient Consent and Permission

Article 24 - Medical interventions have the consent of the patient. Guardian or guardian if the patient is small or mahcur are allowed. The patient, parent or guardian can not be found or is not ready or not the patient power of expression cases, this condition is not sought. If not given consent by the legal representative, to intervene medically if necessary, under the custody and guardianship bulunulabil-patient medical treatment has been obtained from the relevant articles of the Turkish Civil Code, the court's decision depends on uyannca. When the court will require permission from the legal representative or if it is not addressed immediately and the patient's life or one of the vital organs will be under threat if permission is not required. The third paragraph, and life-threatening emergency situations or one of the vital organs, except the withdrawal of consent is always possible. Withdrawal of consent, means that the patient refuses treatment. Withdrawal of consent after the start of intervention, however, is conditioned upon the absence of objection to the medical aspects.

Scope of consent

Article 31 - Consent getting the patient or the legal representative of the medical intervention is essential to illuminate the subject and informed about the outcome. The patient gave consent for medical intervention to be applied, as required by this intervention also includes other medical procedures. However, the application of medical procedures, regulations and other legislation that maximum care to prevent the violation of rights is shown.

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