Permanent Brain Injury (Death), and Anesthesia

Much reduced rates of death due to anesthesia today. However, not been possible to prevent deaths that occur during surgery, because the deaths occurred during surgery or other causes permanent brain damage depends also on the outside of anesthesia. This group can be handled in a number of reasons.

Among the reasons for the patient in infants, children and the elderly will be further surgeries, brain, heart, lung, large vessel surgery, especially after accidents has to be done as an emergency stay with the patient's general state of operations is severely distorted conditions is the surgeries. Patients with congenital disorders emerged, especially in children and infants with heart and lung diseases, those carry more risks.

Brain damage

Among the reasons that increase patients' risk of anesthetic drugs in a group against the other organism identified as pre-conditions would lead to patients how to create a final answer. This is the most beautiful examples of situations such as anaphylaxis and malignant hipertemi shown. Embolism in any period of life, heart and brain diseases such as infarction during surgery again in the event of death and damage could result in an inevitable way.

Creates a group of other errors. As explained earlier in the relevant section and is marked with many years of experience in anesthesia at the end of the system was created to prevent errors. Standards and guidelines include rules to prevent errors. In this way, the possibility of errors for anesthesia ├žekilebilmi┼čtir down today, too. However, drugs used in anesthesia, medicine, drugs should be noted that the most serious risk. These drugs not only affect the nervous reproach. Your heart and lungs, kidneys, liver operation, so the respiration, blood pressure also affects the vital functions. This is deeper and more severe impacts on those bodies are already sick. Anesthesiologist will evaluate the status of the patients may be the safest for them drugs, drug doses are trained to determine the most appropriate anesthetic technique. During the surgery, as well at the beginning of their patients to monitor the developments will lead to attempts to prevent the dangers. This type of errors both in the implementing rules and with the injuries and deaths caused by complications prevented s tries.

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