Allergic Reactions (Anaphylaxis)

Some people, some food, drink, dust, pollen with substances such as detergents, cosmetics, chemical substances such as drugs show an allergic reaction. Allergy operating these substances are called antigens. Dangerous and sometimes fatal type of allergy is called anaphylaxis. Allergy in our daily life faced with thousands of environmentally friendly materials. The human body with an unknown cause, or sometimes a matter of getting a body secretes a substance called antibodies. Antibodies are very strong after many years of memories of previously encountered antigen remembers. This is regarded as a kind of foreign body makes it susceptible to the organism against the antigen. Be sensitive to the organism that makes him susceptible to one day re-encounters with antigen-antibody interaction with antigen shows. As a result of this interaction is not normally in the blood histamine and some other harmful chemical substances secreted by tissues. The secretion of these substances can cause allergic and anaphylactic events.

Have not signed a substance to induce allergic reactions the first occasion after the allergy is a matter that does not mean you will not do. For this reason, allergy, previous allergic symptoms of patients with this condition for any reason must inform the anesthetist must be forgetting. Allergic reaction to drugs, including all of the drugs used in anesthesia candidate. Among the drugs used for anesthesia, antibiotics, muscle relaxants and is located in the front row. Latex-containing materials used in the operation, disinfectants to form the major allergic ingredients. It is not possible to know where and when to know which one would lead to allergy. Generally accepted as a candidate for allergy patients with allergic physique. That determines which patients were allergic to drugs that is accurate and reliable method other than that there is some tests. Sometimes the skin tests are not reliable. If you need this type of allergy clinics, patients will be examined by the anesthesia before.

What often occurs in patients undergoing anesthesia, allergy is not known exactly. In general, inhalation anesthetics is thought that with the allergy. This idea is definitely still unconfirmed possibility of allergy should not be out of sight. Every anesthesiologist knows the treatment of allergy and anaphylaxis and allergy against the measures to be taken. The success of treatment was a little luck.

Nervous System Related Claims

Nervous system, central nervous system and peripheral nervous system consists of two parts. Brain and spinal cord constitute the central nervous system. The central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, muscle, skin and internal organs, nerves and nerve networks that provides the communication and movement occurs. Both the general and regional anesthesia and with very sparse, although for various reasons during the temporary or permanent nerve damage occurs. In general, movement and sensory symptoms in the form of defect. Symptoms usually within a few days and full recovery düzelmekle extending up to three months with a year is provided in selected cases. 1 / 10 000 were found to permanent damage of anesthesia.
Some of the reasons are known to cause nervous system damage. These are connected to the position of surgical stress, compression, compression of blood vessels that feed the nervous system during surgery, injury vanısıra injury, such as the causes of failure, known as the fed causes. Ignored in the absence of these causes damage to the nervous system can be seen sometimes. It also damages the nervous system of unknown cause, which creates the damage. The patients were under anesthesia for the stresses caused by nerve compression or feel discomfort and complaints will not last. Therefore, everyone working in the operating room, while the position of the patient that the surgery the patient prone or side table, depositing, or any other position, while the other hands, arms, legs, face and eyes, the nerves will not be disturbed should be made ​​of rubber or soft cloth, and for this purpose by feeding in the table to deposit yastıkçıklar excessive pay attention. Patients were all operated on the operating table to prevent the emergence of such events in accordance with specifications determined by the positions laid. Very obese and very thin patients, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, hardening of the arteries in those with very old ones with the nerve damage occurs more frequently. Male patients are more common in women. This is because frequency is not known.

Of the spinal cord, nerve damage, peripheral nerve damage than the more serious and permanent damage to the rare occurrence though. Main reason for this lack of ability to repair spinal cord injury, such as peripheral nerves. The main reason is the deterioration of blood circulation in the spinal cord during surgery. Spinal cord blood vessel that feeds blood to clot blockage of blood circulation, to remain under pressure as a result of tension or contraction, and blood pressure during surgery, with reasons as to remain low for a long time disturbed. Contraction of vessels, or maintaining the patient's low blood pressure, heart disease, and has an important role in diseases such as hardening of the arteries. On pack my things', or both spinal and epidural anesthesia, spinal marrow with a needle between the protective membranes that surround it are created by entering a drug given to methods of anesthesia. This method is a direct result of spinal cord injury, spinal cord compression pıhtılaşaıak bleeding occurred in that region, the formation of pin-site infection and spinal cord damage could occur as a result of other causes unknown. In fact, the needle entry site in the spinal cord, spinal canal are selected to be one level to the bottom of the earth have ended. Thus, the needle is removed the possibility of spinal cord injury. To prevent hematoma Couma-religion (warfarin), aspirin, Plavix (Clopidegrel) pre-cut in patients using these medications. Operations are fully sterile conditions to prevent infection.

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