Anesthesia and the Lung Infection

Anesthesia and surgery in normal conditions and in this way to throw out their own high-resyonunu coughs protected against infection by providing clean lungs bozarlar these functions. After the surgery, especially breast and abdominal surgery where pain, cough and deep breathe and prevents. This situation leads to lung infections. Preoperative is not very healthy lungs, smoke the abdominal or chest surgery geçirmişlerse, can not start to act early if they are too old or too young for these patients more often develop lung infections. Therefore, despite the pain of patients to act from the day in bed, bed or even sit at the edge a few steps up and asked if moving. In addition to these patients with the help of physiotherapy breathing exercises is provided. Respiratory movements in an effective, prevention of post-operative pain is required to be a strong cough. Also prior to surgery by experts in lung disease in patients with lung problems should be under the control and treatment, non-içiyorlarsa breaks are extremely important.

Mental Functions Impairment

Large and long-lasting anesthesia after surgery, especially in elderly patients with and tired of all ages, including more rare and some mental disorders can be seen in every patient. Among the main causes of infection, reduction in blood oxygen level, such as post-operative pain is give reasons. Elderly patients with dementia and with it, before undergoing a stroke, those with alcohol addiction, with various causes of psychic disorders and those who have difficulty to adapt to the environment after the surgery is most often seen in people with glasses and headphones removed. General anesthesia, regional anesthesia is higher than the frequency ratio. But with every surgery, regional anesthesia is not possible to apply the requirement of general anesthesia and sometimes by taking this risk arises from the eye.

Mentally disturbed patients functions not know their environment, remember the names, what was done to them, why bulunduklarını hospital, may have trouble answering, remember the some of the events, family relatives may not recognize because of memory loss, concentration difficulties and behavior disorders may be within. Shouting calls, go kakıp, serum, throw out things like drain tube. Sleep disturbances occur, the night the day with the mix. Can imagine, can hear sounds.

Physicians and nurses are faced more often natural to meet such conditions. This is sick relatives, sometimes for comfort. Relatives of the patient to describe the incident by the physicians to understand the situation and the need to help them.

After surgery, a large portion of mentally impaired patients show improvement within a few weeks completely. The patient Extension glasses and headphones, turn off the lights at night, remove the tangle of bed early, clock and calendar with mental activities such as exercises to shorten the recovery period. However, mental dysfunction may be permanent in some patients due to reasons unknown.

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