Ustcene facial bones

Facial bones, facial bone

Face the front section of the skeleton of the head, your head is located under the front and a semi. Your face has two sections including the upper jaw and lower jaw.

The upper jaw, a single and double in six of the thirteen bone occurs on the middle line, the largest of these bones, bone üstçene. Others palate bones, the bones quotes, sub-boynuzcuk bones, nasal bones, and zygomatic bones. The lower jaw has only a single bone; Mandible bone.

Üstçene bone

Üstçene bone, the oral cavity at the top, under gözçukurunun, nasal cavities with them, found a bone. This is the same bone against bone combine to help these gaps to occur.

An irregular rectangular shape and a blank space in the name of this bone in the sinus üstçene, two sides and should be read dörtkenarı.

Dışyan face, which protrude conspicuously four per cent, in the middle, cut the top of a pyramid şaklinde, zygomatic projection (processus zygomaticus), its front and top, combined with the top of the frontal bone, frontal process of, under, in a row, into the teeth of üstçene buried, 'alveolaris processus; rear, in the case of a mound. tuber maxilla.
Zygomatic projection, truncate, triangular pyramid-shaped, the face and the faces that separates the three, with three sides is a hill.

The upper face, eye pit help to occur, in the middle, front to back in the groove (sulcus infraorbitalis), leading to a channel (canal infraorbitalis) extends the front end of this channel, above the drop-down faceplate, with infraorbital foramen, below, canine tooth, and cuts alveolünde teeth ending in a narrow stretches with small tubes.

Front face; piyeste cheek skin adjacent to the infraorbital foramen on the face, the top percent of the name is mentioned, the front tip of the canal infraorbitalis'in. 5-6 millimeters below the lower edge of this hole, and his gözçukuru, 1 / 3 with içyam, 2 / 3 dışyanının flush junction.

Rear face, head facing the whole of this face infratemporalis'e fossa, and extends maxiillae tuber.
Cut the top of the zygomatic prominence, combines with the bottom edge of the front of the zygomatic.

Zygomatic prominence, at the top of the front and the back part of her face and her rear edge of the processus frontalis'in dışyan in parallel with the process of extending the top edge of zygomaticus'un crest, is called the anterior lacrimal crest.

Dışyan face of the upper jaw bone, and under the front of the zygomatic prominence; processus alveolaris be seen on the ridges, is called alveolaria juga. This hollow in the front side of knobs zygomatic ridge, called the fossa canina.

Dışyan zygomatic protrusion of the face behind the name and tuber maxilla on the mound in two, three and more, including the holes, called foramina posteriorly alveolaria takes the same name that ended in the upper molars alveollerinde kanalcıkların genesis.
I removed the side to face: the face 3 / 4 upper and 1 / 4 on the lower part of the horizontal overhang, the palate is called overhang.

Palate overhang, flattened from top to bottom, the triangle is a bulge on her line, combined with offset against the wife, makes a part of the hard palate, this has three sides with two sides of the upper and lower ıkıntının.

Sub-face, nasal cavities and upholstery to help pürtüksüz the upper face. the dome makes the palate, this is rough over the face of many blood vessels as shown by the holes, passes through the blood vessels and nerves, there are grooves from front to back direction.
Dışyan edge, üstçene combine with the bone. The rear edge, with the palate bone, the lamina eklemleşir palatina'sı. İçyan edge, the thick edge of the combined nasal cavities above the center line on the flooring and crita nasalis'i; below, the suture palatine does mediana'yı. (Sometimes the stitching along the bottom ridge and palate in the front to the back side of ridge direction is called a torus Palatinus.

Içyan edge height, the front is that it multiplies and crest incisivus name, eg, it is also pointed. tip. maxillaris'air spina jıasalis.

Crista nasalis groove on the top to bottom and back to front there are two that come face to face with each other throughout the incisivus'u do canal: The canal property; below, a hole called the foramen incisuvum, palatine suture, the opening of the front end of mediana'nın; above, the two holes, nose, flooring blanks, along the middle line, the crest on both sides of the opening nasalis'uı.

Üstçene bone, içyan face, palate çıkıtısı is rough under the remaining portion, side portions of the hard palate do.

Üstçene bone, içyan face, remaining on the part of the overhang on the palate, with the process of mouth sinus üstçene frontalis'in içyan face and lacrimal sulcus is seen between the two.
Üstçene on the bone, the sinus broad in the mouth, head and lower throughout the palatine bone boynuzcuk contracted with extensions.

The half-cells above the mouth of the sinus, ethmoid cells, combined with a half cellulae ethmoidomaxillares'i do.

Sinus in front of the mouth, top-down direction, the groove is larimalis sulcus, the sharp edge of the rear frontalis'in process of both the front lip, rear in the front border of the mouth makes the sinus. Unguis'in lip on both sides of this whole deal became united olukcukla nasolacrimalis canal occurs.

Içyan Üstçene bone on his face, tears in front of the groove on the front to the back side of the processus frontalis'in içyan two parallel top and bottom are rough trail. Ethmoideus crest above the bottom, that crest is conchalis name, face the whole, the first etmoidle, the second sub-jointed bone boynuzcuk

Sides, top, bottom, front and back four blocks.
The upper edge, the front section, with the back edge of frontalis'in process of extending the upper edge of the ledge behind it is called the lacrimal notch incisura.

The upper edge, front to back with the joint papiracea'sı unguis and enter the ethmoid lamina.
There is a concave notch in the middle of the front edge. This indicates a thorn in the lower end of the notch. This hack is called piriformis aperatura against the bone with the same entiği armutsu that creates a hole, the front of the mouth of the nasal cavities ..

The notch on the front edge of the upper jaw bone, the front edge of the remaining part of the process of the nasal bones eklemleşir frontalis'in.

Lower edge, looking into opening a concave-shaped bulge on the top of the roots of the teeth are localized in the alveoli. This combined with the edge of tooth pits and teeth, tooth belt do the same against the bone.

The rear edge, the lower section of thick, tuber maxilla at the level higher than the thickness of this edge, the upper and lower parts of the rough.

Processus orbitalis of the top ossis Palatine, Palatine is connected to the bottom of the processus pyramidalis ossis.

The lower part of the rear edge, in excess of the upper jaw bone içyan face has a groove, the groove of the sulcus pterygoplatinus name, face throughout the palate bone, combined with the same groove with a name will bring pterygopalatimus'u canal.
Üstçene sinus, nasal cavity paranasal sinuslardan is one of the drop-down. Lining the nasal cavity and sinus zygomaticus'un processus read this.

Unquoted bone - the bone Tear

In the form of a thin rectangular solid, dışyandan içyana flat, eye on the pit wall and üstçene içyan prominence on the back of your bone, this bone has two faces and four sides.

Dışyan face (orbital face), this is a crested vertical face, divided into two parts. Ibig in front of the remaining length of the groove, and it is called tear trough içyan edge, combined with the back edge of üstçene frontalis'inin process of the bone hole, complete the tear sac. This hole extends the lower part of the canal nasolacrimalis'ie.

Dışyan face of the bone, tear the rear portion of ibiğinin behind the front wall of the flat portion of the orbit içyan to help.

This is at the lower end ibig, dışyana and forward direction, the hook-shaped ridge that is called lacrimal hamulus, the upper jaw bone, the upper side of the notch eklemleşerek, nasolacrimalis'in canal to help the upper mouth.

İçyan face (nasal side), in the middle of the face, facial ibig dışyan response has a groove. This is part of the face in front of the nose flute makes the medium measmı; rear portion of the etmoidle combined, help to complete the cells of anterior ethmoid.

Sides, top edge, with the edge of the frontal içyan orbitalis'inin facies, the lower edge, with lower boynuzcuk lacrimalis process of bone, the back edge, with the ethmoid lamina papiracea'sı, the front edge, with the back edge of maxillae'nin eklemleşir processus frontalis.

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