Palate bone

Palate bone

This is the back bone and nasal cavities with the pterygoid bone protruding between üstçene. Thin irregular rectangular shape, one vertical, one horizontal two lamina with each other, form a right angle, the merger has occurred.

Horizontal laminae; rectangular-shaped, transverse axis of the upper and the lower two are the face of the lamina.
Upper face (facies nasalis); pürtüksüz and transverse concave rear portion of the floor of the nasal cavities completes.

Lower face: leave the dome of palate, hard palate constitutes the rear portion. Over the back of this face is rough and is seen dışyanında is tilted backward and outward ends up in the hole called the foramen palatinum majus.
Dışyan edge, vertical and horizontal lamina lamir.a line fits the merger.
İçyan edge is thick and rough, against the edge of the bone combined with spouse, nasal cavities flooring, the rear part of the crest nasalis'in, mediana'nın palatine suture in the posterior portion of the dome makes the palate.

. The rear edge, a rear-facing concavity aperture terminals showing içyan this edge, combined with spina nasalis posterior to the tip of the bone co-constitute.
The front edge, üstçene palatinus'unun process of bone is connected to the rear edge.
Vertical lamina; the lamina is in the form of an irregular rectangle, the width greater than height, it should be reviewed in the two faces and four sides.

İçyan face, nasal cavities dışyan wall between the middle part of this face with the lower part of üçtebir; lower boynuzcuk eklemleşen horizontal bone crest, crest is conchalis name. This process is at the top of the face in the second and the short crest at just under orbitalis'in, kalbursu crushed bone with the middle name is ethmoidea eklemleştiğinden crest.

Dışyan face, this face stand out on the front to the back of five sections: 1) sinus maxillaris'in to shutdown the rear edge of the mouth, part, 2) behind the ledge, and with the rear part of the joint operating üstçene bone içyan face a rough surface. (These two sections are called the Palatine Osis processus maxillaris). 3) the upper part of the fossa pterygopalatina'nm, the lower part of the walls of the canal pterygopalatina'nm içyan pterygopdlatinus the sulcus; 4) sphenoid, pterygoid ridge içyan laminası eklemleşen with a surface; 5) between the third section and fourth section at the bottom of the form of a three-sided pyramid processus pyramidalis.
Palate bone, the pyramidal projection; Hill down, outward and backward direction, and this three-sided pyramid-shaped protrusion, the head throughout the sphenoid pterygoid ridge fills the notch between the two laminası. The back, sides showed rough yüzeyciklerle, the medial and lateral pterygoid ledge laminalarının jointed front edges of the concave section between these two rough yüzeycik, pterygoid pit completes the lower portion. Pre-face, üstçene eklemleşerek fossa with bone üstçene pterygopalatina'nm bump off the bottom. Lower face, seen on the holes, small holes and palate is
palate, hard palate opened channels of the head throughout the sub-holes are opened pterygopalatinus'a canal.

The upper edge, a notch between the two tabs to show them. The front overhang, processus orbitalis; rear, sphenoideus processus; intermediate notch is called the incisura sphenopalatina.
Processus orbitalis; triangular pyramid-shaped ridge is a narrow vertical laminaya depends on smack. Three because of the lower face with the back edge of bone üstçene; the front face, side base of the ethmoid, sphenoid cismiyle joint makes the rear face. Under the latter face, processus orbitalis, the two slopes, a small free surface in a ridge shows that the rear portion of the upper floor of orbit, the lower front wall of the upper portion of the fossa pterygopalatina'nm, does.

Sphenoideus processus; on the ledge, a small fin in the form of bone is a sub-concave and convex internal face shows an upper-outer face.

First the face, nasal cavities makes the upper wall of the second face, and his process of making sense of pterygoid ledge içyan laminasının vaginalis is a neighbor to help canal pharyngicus'un to occur.

Incisura sphenopalitina: orbitalis'i palate with bone processus, processus sphenoideus'u the notch located between the head throughout the body in the sphenoid, with the closing part of pterigoid'in dışyan laminası aligned with the junction is converted into a hole. Combining this hole in the head throughout the nasal cavities pterygopalatina'ya fossa, according to some schools of anatomy pterygopalatinum According to some of the foramen is the foramen sphenopalatinum name.

The front edge, front edge of the vertical laminanm, is tilted forward and down, bracing the upper and lower jaw sinus'unun his mouth with the back edge of maxillaris'inin eklemleşir boynuzcuk process of bone.
Rear edge, very thin edge of the pterygoid that is based on making sense of the ledge içyan laminasının.

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