Lower boynuzcuk bone

Sea snail shell-like curved front to back in direction, in the form of a thin bone lamella bone, this is articulated with the upper edge of the bottom edge of the wall of the nasal cavities dışyan these spaces are free.

içyan and dışyan two sides, top and bottom two sides, front and rear are the two ends.
İçyan face that is convex nose compartment looks at the gaps in the lower part of the upper section by looking at the more rough.

Dışyan face, concave wall and sub-meatus'un makes içyan.

Lower margins, thick, rough and is convex, the inner surface of the bone shows a situation to spiral.
The upper edge, the edge of this bone is eklemleştiren other bones, from the front, with three projecting two long, narrow, rough, shows the articular surface. Front to back: 1) bone crest eonchalis'in üstçene eklemleşen with a rough face, 2) lacrimal process of the name: field, dışyan lamelsi concave face and a protruding upper jaw bone with the lower edge of the process of unguis'in frontalis'inin rear edge of the ali by making part of the canal with the joint help of a bulge to occur nasolacrimalis'in; 3) processus maxillaris and triangular shaped bone called lamellae. This is below the upper edge and dışyana is sagging right, bottom to the mouth of the sinus maxillaris'in daraltmağa help, that way that the back edge of the ledge, sinus bone in his mouth and palate, with mascillaris'i eklemleşir processus. 4) processus ethmoideus name a ledge of the fine and the vertical case. This overhang üstçene mouth sinus, ethmoid process of the middle section, combined with the lower edge of uncinatus'unun, daraltmağa help. 5) the upper edge of the rear, the rough surface, is thin and long, palate bone and joint makes conchalis içyan on the crest.

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