Nasal bone

Middle the two sides of the line, between the upper jaw bone, your projections, your bones are at the margo nasalis'inin. The length of the rectangular shaped, flattened from front to back, the lower part of a larger total in the upper parts of this bone, the back side of a front side, there are four in the side.

Front face that is convex transversely, vertically above the concavity. below shows the convexity. The middle section of the front face, including one of the largest, in the holes, called foramina nasalia is located. are combined with the holes on the back. This merger allows the bone in the small kanalcıklar.

The rear face, the upper section is rough, forehead bone, combined with spina nasalis'i. The rest of the top-down, the length is in a groove, called the sulcus ethmoideus olukçuğu area has a nerve.

The upper edge, with your bone margo nasalis'i, combined nasofrontalis'i suture. bring about.

Lower edge; head the whole, called apertura piriformis, the limits from above the hole on the front of the nasal cavities, we see the back, shows a notch of ethmoideus'a sulcus.
Dışyan edge; üstçene frontalis'i iie eklemleşir process of bone.

Içyan edge, and the rough is thick, with an equilateral eklemleşir against the bone.

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