Bone Sling

On the vertical center line and a thin, rectangular form of a slide of this bone, the nasal cavities and the lower portion of the rear panel makes it two faces and four sides are reviewed.
Faces; General on the faces of the pürtüksüz, passes through the blood vessels and nerves, there are soft olukçuklar. Among them, the one found near the front edge, the most specific one. (In general, these flat faces, the elderly, the nose compartment in case of curvature, concavity, or may konveskslik.)

Sides, top edge; sling blade wings (alae vomeris) name in a groove between the length and bent outward shows two lamellae. Body in the sphenoid into the bottom of this groove is located on the crest sphenoidea. This dışyan edges of the wings, the upper end of the pterygoid process of the ledge içyan laminasınm vaginalis'le combined per canal, including a combination of these three bone prominence pharyngicus occurred.

The front edge, front to back and top to bottom, curved on the top edge is smaller than that between two lamella, there is a olukçuk. Head and upper part of the whole of this groove vertical laminası ethmoid, down in the part of the division will be placed cartilago septodorsalis'in.

Rear edge, thin, free, curved down and forward, the rear hole in the nasal cavities which separates choanaları.

Lower margin of nose cavities döşemesindeki crista nasalis eklemleşir.

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