Zygomatic bone, cheeks Bone

Cheekbone, upper and side part of the face and head tabs throughout the zygomatic, zygomatic arch, temples make up the hole, and the orbital bone. Outside to the inside are flat rectangular shape and two-face, four sides and four angles are reviewed.

Faces; Dışyan face; piyeste under the skin is slightly rough and convex, the percentage is close to the edge above and in front of the hole is called the foramen zygomaticofaciale.

İçyan face, this process is the face of a ridge called the fronto-splıenoideus with the front and the back-to-face is divided into two. This ledge gear, pürtülü and the edge of the thick, older wing of the above-frontal'le sfenoid'in below, further down the process of maxilla'nın eklemleşir with zygomaticus'u. It devotes to the ledge front face, the eye-facies orbitalis dışyan pit wall, the floor portion of the front and makes dışyan. This percentage is called the hole in the foramen zygomaticoorbitale. Rear face: the above six pit temple is adjacent to the walls of these pits yapmıya help. The face in the hole on the zygoma-ticotemporale'dir foramen.

Edges; Ö n - a top edge, opening up and importing the edge of the concave shape, and the lower portion of the outer aditus orbita'nm yapmıya help.

Back-top edge: S in the form of light is the upper edge of the arch zygomcticus'un, başbütününde, to help.

Front bottom edge, thick, and is threaded with the upper jaw bone zygomaticus'u eklemleşir processus.
Back-bottom edge, is rough, the lower edge of the head throughout the arch zygomatcus'un yapmıya help.

Angles; upper angle; gear with the frontal'in zygomaticus'u eklemleşir processus.
The front and bottom ağılar, üstçene zygomaticus'unun process of bone adapts to the top of the cut.
Rear angle, temporal bone zygomatic process of combining with zygomaticus'u makes his belt.

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