The bone wall pockets

Middle of the line with them, square in the head cavity, which make up a large part of the side walls, a pair of flat bone. Frontal behind, in front of occipital'in, located on the temporal and sphenoid. Work in a d i a i d. shows the four sides and four angles with two faces.

External face, this face to face is also called kafadışı; convex face of the lower part of this, more or less parallel to each other and the two lines are facing down konkavlıkları; alttakine line at the top above the upper temple is called temporal bottom line. (First, second, he sticks to fasiası temporal muscle). On these lines, bone kaypaktır.

Part of the wall showing the face of the bone, bony bump is called a maximum hilliness. This percentage is seen to be close to the upper edge and its rear section of the hole, is called the parietal foramen.
Internal face, also called intracranial side of the face, is a concave middle section with the greatest depression, the wall is called the bone pit. The face on the bottom edge of the upper edge later in the branched ducts, are called sulci arteriorum. This is near the upper edge of the face parts, the length of this edge in the half-groove, combined with the same bone in the same groove on the half will sagitalis'i sulcus. This is seen as close to the top edge of the bone of small pits, called pits are Pacchioni. This percentage is seen as close to the upper edge and its rear section of the foramen parietale'dir hole.

Sides, top edge, is threaded on the opposite side of the bone combined with the same edge, makes suturga sagitalis'l.

Lower edge, inwards from the edge of the cut vari pen, combined with the temporal pars sguamosa'si, makes suture parietotemporalis'i.
The front edge; frontaîle coronaüs'i combined makes suture.
Rear edge, combined with the occipital bone skuaması, makes suture lambdoides'i.
Angles, coronal and sagittal sutures of this bone meets the upper front angle coincides with the ground: this point is called the bregma.

Rear upper angle (angulus occipitalis), and sagittal sutures meet lamdoid coincides with the ground, which is called the lambda point.

Front-bottom angle; sphenoid wing is connected to the major. The frontal, and sphenoid parieral great wing of the united points, called pterion.
Rear-bottom angle, is between the occipital and temporal part of the mastoid. junction point of these three bones, called asterion.

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