Where is the collarbone bone?

The junction of this bone to the front of the shoulder, a long and flat soft S or italic / is in the form of the letter and the upper section of the front of the chest, just above the first rib.

A large part of this bone is flattened from top to bottom, the top sub-two hundred: the front, two rear side; içyan and dışyan reviewed two extremes.

The upper face, this face, appears close to parts of the rough edges and ends are specifically, the remaining part of the kaypaktır.

Old face, this face, in accordance with the length of the axis of the bone in the middle of a olukçuk; it as close to the center of the foramen nutricium; içyan rough near the tip with the name of a section tuberosity costalis; dışyan coracoidea tuberosity near the tip with the name of yet another rough section shows. Both are close to the rough surface-to-end, the bone ends of the sticks to the joint ties.
The front edge of the 2 / 3 içyan thick convex section and rough 1 / 3 in the concave part dışyan thin and still rough.

Rear edge m 2 / 3 içyanı thick, concave and pürtüksüz, while the rest of the dışyanı, convex and rough.

içyan end, the tip of the bone is the thickest part of the joint surface shows an irregular triangular. This surface, concave from front to back, top to bottom, convex. (The facial skeleton with sternum'un inc'ssura clavicularis'i eklemlesir).

Dışyan end, top to bottom is flattened on the major axis of the elliptical front to the back there is an articular surface, facies articularis with skeleton eklemlesir on the acromion. Ossification; collarbone bone, one of the primitive, the other secondary (secundar) shows the two ossification points. The first one will appear one month after birth. The second is on the ossification of extremitas sternalis begins 18 years old and 25-year-old ends.

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