My collar bone

Triangular form, with thin and flat shoulder blade, skeleton, found in the adjacent sides of the chest and upper back.

My collar bone, two hundred, three sides and three angles will be reviewed.
Pre-face, transverse and vertical, this concave face, the fossa is subscapülaris name. This percentage içyan üstdış respect to the side, in three or four lines are the crest. Most of them outside the kabarığı is parallel to the outer edge towards the bottom of the right angle.

Linea rausculares name, this ibiklerle pits between the shoulder muscles of the fossa subscapularisle places of those sticks.

Rear face, this face, shoulder bone spurs
(Spina scapula) called the transverse ridge is divided into two unequal hole; top supraspinam fossa, the fossa infraspinam'dır bottom.

Rowing bone spurs; Skapula'nın back side of the 1 / 4, top with 3 / 4 of gold at the junction with the top down and the overhang is inclined to içyana dışyandan, flattened from top to bottom, and triangular-shaped, and the rear edge of the thick and rough free; this the tip of the blunt edge of a ridge dışyan is free in the shoulder protrusion (acromion) is called.

Dikeninin shoulder blade with upper and lower faces dışyan concave edge is adjacent to the front edge. Akromion rear edge of the so-called tip is flattened from top to bottom, top, bottom, two-face; içyan, dışyan edge as the two shows.
Rough upper face, lower face and concave pürtüksüz, içyan the rear edge of the upper lip with the blunt edge spina'nın, dışyan this thorn in the side with the lower lip, and extends. The two lips, the top combined acromion. Içyan Akromion'un on the edge and near the top, including appearing as elliptical, with the tip of the articular surface eklemleşir klavikula'mn dışyan.

Dikenüstü pit; Pürtüksüz faced, dışyanı içyanından wider, triangular-shaped groove görünüşündedir.

Dikenaltı pit, the rear is the remaining portion of the face below the spina scapula, and from top to bottom near the edge of the bone dışyan, dışyandan içyana crested seen as an oblique, is divided into two parts. îçyan pit section 4 / 5, dışyan section is 1 / 5 to take up. On the section parallel to the edge of the bone dışyan içyan The wide, wide groove has a section of his içyanında remaining convex. Fossa infraspinam'm this large section, of the same name piyeste muscle (musculus infraspinam) sticks. This is a narrow section of the pit, is rough compared to what is a large, large and small round piyeste here adheres to the muscles.

Sides, top, içyan, dışyan, including three blocks.

The upper edge, the edge is thin and short end of dışyan, incisura scapula is called the notch.

İçyan edge, the other is the longest edge, facing outward in a wide range of shows that the inner edge of the angle peak coincides with spina scapulae'nın. This edge is rough all over, rhomboid muscles on the big and small sticks.

Dışyan edge, this edge is wide, the muscles on the small and large round sticks a crested the top and bottom of the groove is divided into two. This form of the triangle in the upper end ibig and fluffy rough surface, is called infraarticularis tuberosity.

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