Head and whole bones, fontanel

Head and bones to the whole thing, is fontanel, fontanelle Development

Head and facial bones, the skeleton combined according to the head of state will bring about. Chief of the entire reading is considered a team normalar.

Norma; deal when you look at the environment within the limit of the whole.
Head of the whole okunuşunda: 1) high, 2) the bottom, 3) side, 4) back, 5) front. 6) sagittal norm of six to have to deal.

Upper norm; the head from above, looks different, although many times in the oval and değirmiye close. On some stitches (suture) are: 1) the parietal Frontalle between the two is the cross, a crown that looks like it coronalis suture, 2) on center line, between the two parietal suture sagitialis, 3) case, the transverse suture between panetaRevle occlpital lambdoidea, there are . Sagittal suture junction of the coronal suture bregma point, lambdoid suture, sagittal suture joins the lambda-point; (This points at the beginning of the fetus has the same names, the bıngıldaklar). Two sides of the sagittal suture and the parietal foramen parietal tuber is seen as the sagittal suture at the level of the last hole on the spot obelion. is called. Front middle: jrontale tuber; under his sides, arch mperciliaris; and glabella between the two eyebrows arch, above the middle line on the lambda, and the suture is not always a seam can be seen in the so-called metopica.

Top norma'nın them back up and to the frontal process of starting zygomaticus'undan, and its successor, the linea frontalis crista temporalis temporalis has ossis. This last line above temporalis'i sınırlatacaktır fossa.

Sub-norm, the head of them are sub-normasının Start with the bones of the Mandible, mandibular body in the front bottom edge, if not together, upper jaw front tooth, alveolar arch at the sides and bottom edge of the zygomatic arch; linea terminalis nuchalis, protuberentia occipitalis externa in the rear.

In this limit, the upper jaw bone, with processus palatinus'u, üstdamak palate caused by bone, and the sides and behind her back edge of the choana vomer'in narhım, they pterygoides process of them, than the large rear wing and body in the lower face of the sphenoid; more the sides, with the remaining portion under the overhang of the zygomatic part of the temporal skuama Pyramide at - the front and bottom - rear faces; mastoid bulge, occiput with a large hole in the back of his environment, and the remaining parts of heads.

These parts are seen are on the bottom of the head norrnasında: Mandible cisminde and spina mandibulares on the center line, pitting the three sides, respectively; fossa musculi biventeri, sublingualis fossa, the fossa submandibularis and between the last two pitting, linea mylohyoidea; hard palate and on the center line, center tooth, behind the foramen incisivum; people behind median palatine suture, suturing the two sides of the torus Palatinus; above the dome of holes and rough palate; more rear and sides, transverse palatine suture; hard palate hole in the bottom of the rear and sides of the canal foramen pterygopalatinus'vm palatinum, majus, this hole on the back of the palate foramina palatine bone processus pyramidalis'i minora; hard palate and the middle line on the back edge of the spina nasalis posterior; sertdamağm completely on the back and 2.5 centimeters in height and 1.25 cm. wide, separated from each other vornerlc, holes in the back of the nasal cavities (choana), the sides of the vertical part of the palate bone, sphenoid pterygoid içyan laminası ridge, above the upper edge of the middle vomerinin rostum'u sphenoid wing with the body in the sides and bottom of the sphenoid processus vaginalis splıenoideus'n process is taking place between the face and the palate bone canal and the canal pharyngicus basipharyngicus; choana''Iarın ledges along the sphenoid wingless (processus pterygoides), and between their medial and lateral laminations, pterygoidea fossa, pterygoid hamulus içyan at the end of the lamina, the lamina back again edge of the pit above the scaphoid; his back and above the hole in the back channel Vidlus; choana behind-s, on the center line from front to back, and her bottom on the tubercle of occipital pharyngicum ossis pars basilaris; than the rear, the occipital foramen magnum, the two sides of the hole and in front of the two occipital condyles, occipital behind the pit at the bottom of the canal and the fossa condylica condylicus: (occiput anterior edge of the center of the basion large hole, called the back edge of the center of the opisthion). Sub-norman on the back of the middle line, crista occipitalis externa, which along norman, pterygoid laminasmın dışyan the ledge outside, the foramen ovale; his back and dışyanında, respectively, the foramen spina, spina angularis, Glaser split with cleft fossa mandibularis, in front of these depressions articular tuber, and the lower edge of the pit behind the pars tympanica, tympanica crest, this process is behind ibig styloides; the base of the foramen stylomastoideum behind this process is the hole behind and dışyanında mastoides, incisura mastoidea artery occipital sulcus and the lower Norman, pterygoid ledge içyan dışyana behind and cut the top of the right temporal laminasının pyramis'inin, combined with pars basilaris içyanda sphenoid body in the back, a large wing of the sphenoid dışyanda petrosus'u margo, and among these three, the foramen lacerum; the front edge of this hole that hole in the back of the drop-down canal pterygoideus'un this hole dışyanında, apertura interna canalis carotici; this dışyanmda, sphenoid wing, with a large pyramls sulcus between the euphonium at the bottom of the fissure with auditka petrosphenoidale; sulcus tubae'nin back and dışyanında apertura externa canalis carotici; it back in and dışyanında, foramen jugulare; ( occipital pyramis behind the front, the resulting merger of the pits with a name appearing on your spouse is in the hole piyeste three compartments, öndekinde petrosus inferior sinus, the middle 9, 10, 11 pairs of pearl that is head glossophryngicus nerve, the vagus nerve, nerve accessorius, behind the sinus sigmoides'in bulb terminates vetıa jııgularis intenıa), carotid canal and jugular hole in the outer hole on the cutting edge of the lower canaliculus tympanicus'un hole, which in turn opened the bottom of it with içyanında fossula petrosa, apertura externa canaliculi chochleae; foramen and the foramen jugulare lacerum between the fissure and petrooccipitalis Nervi canalis hypoglossi behind it, the bottom of the rear portion of norman them with their lines between the upper and lower neck, neck muscles are a part of the nuchal planum sticks.

Side-norm; Back judging by the sides, thick front and below the top of the rear end, great top to bottom and back to front sloping axis shows the ovoid shape.

Normada head up and down the boundary between the side face with the middle suture nasofrontalis nasion'dan tasarlı by a line drawn on top of the mastoid can be shown. Formations seen in the side of the head of normaya normasında front, side need to show the limit before Normann. This limit, above the linea temporalis, front, frontal crest ossis temporalis, frontalis, processus zygomaticus ossis, and the last one at the top of the line drawn with the edge of the suture can be shown zygomaticofrontalis'den ramus mandibulae anterior (zygomatic bone in front and back of the line will separate into two parts, so that The front section of the bone, the back of the rear part of the front normaya normaya enters).

Normann below the bottom of the side and rear boundary and the rear edge of the ramus with mandibulae'hin dışkulak under way, the mastoid tip and the rear edge of the ridge, the upper temporal line (linea temporalis superior extends.

Side-norm within the boundaries of the formations are: bone facies tenıporalis'i cheeks with the back of this bone - top and back - the bottom edges; ramus mandibulae; under the superior frontal and parietal parts of the linea temporalis, tuber maxilla, sphenoid bone and the pterygoid wing of a large ledge dışyan sections, the temporal and mastoid parts skuama has kafadışı faces.

Minimum norm at the side of the bones entering into the merger with each other in place, including a number of seams and pits occurred in some, such as around the hole, the channel opens and crevices.

As a side normada suture; sygomaticofrontal, zygomaticotemporal, sphenmygomatik, sphenofrontal, sphenoparietal, sphenosquamosal parietomastoid seams and be seen. Of these, parietal, sphenoid, temporal and frontal pterion between: the parietal, occipital, temporal, and are among the asterion

Pits on the side of the norma, temporalis fossa, the fossa infratemporalis. pterygopalatina fossa, including three blocks. Let us review them, respectively:

1) Temporal pit, the sides of the head, four fifths of the environment is limited to one round, called the linea temporalis superior, is a large hole above the rear line of the upper temporal, temporalis and processus zygomaticus major frontal crest, the top of the zygomatic bone - the back side, below the zygomatic arch limited. That make up this pit, in front, frontal process of tenıporalis'i zygomaticus'u crest and linea temporalis'inm with the remaining portion of the back: a large wing of the sphenoid tenıporalis'i facies; zygomatic bone with the back edge of the upper-facies temporalis'm, behind the parietal linea temporalis with the remaining part of the face and under the superior temporal skuamasının dışyan zygomaticus'âur processus. This need to pit both piyeste skeleton. are combined with six-hole through the temple under the zygomatic range. Zygomatic width and shape of the range is a range of varying more or less according to party dışyanda temporal bone, zygomatic bone and processus processus zygomaticus'u geien temporalis'inin of the merger and the zygomatic arch on the zygomaticotemporal sewing; içyanda infratemporalis limited to the temporal and sphenoid crest-at. The sutures between the bones over the temporal pit sedefsi (skuama) and we see the face of a piece dışyan piyeste, there are grooves in the deep temporal vessels to pass off. This hollow bones that make up the channel in the temporal bone, zygomatic bone in the pit that opened on facies temporalis'i zygomaticotemporale foramen is the hole.

2) Temporal six pit, pit temple and it is under the combined orificium zygomaticum through this hole, arm dışyanda Mandible (ramus mandibulae) içyan-face: front içyanda tuber maxilla, pterygoid behind the ledge between dışyan laminası. This is part of the pit roof dışyan orificium zygomaticum, içyan sphenoid bone saw part of the crest temporalle infratemp, oralis "m at the bottom, planum infratemporal, does.

This is the pit wall on the canal mandibulae'mn dışyan mouth, the front wall of the fissure on the foramina spheno-maxillaris'in dısyan section alveolaria maxillaria; içyan on the wall of the fissure is pterygo-mazillaris. The first of the slit in the last two, with the orbital cavity with the second one combines pterygopalatina fossa.

Sphenomaxillaris fissure, fossa infratemporalis'i orbit at the same time combining this cleft içyan section, the front wall of the fossa pterygopalatina'nın section and are joined up. The split rear wing of the sphenoid orbitalis'inin facies with the bottom edge, ahead of and behind the back edge of üstçene bone facies orbitalis'imn içden forward and outward direction, and slightly curved from top to bottom.

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