Arm or Biceps bone

Skeleton Arm

Arm or Biceps bone

There is a single bone of the arm skeleton. Long a bone of the ulna and radius below and eklemleşir bumerus scapula above. As with every long bone in a body, two ends should be reviewed.

Field, also called bone diyafiz'i this piece, although the right yöneltide, on the axis is slightly bent.
Cylindrical object above, below is the form of üçyüzlü prism. whole, three hundred, three edges, is reviewed.
D ı ş side face; this side a little above the middle section, from top to bottom and back to front, a rough front edge of the crest are the same body in which the bone aligned with pürtükle, V-shape and are displaying it on the shoulder deltoid muscle deltoid yapıştığından V'si or pürtüğü, is called.

This on the face and under the deltoid pürtüğünün, so that the back-to-face from the large and curved in a groove, there are radial sulcus Nervi.

The rear face, top to bottom and tilted outward içden, a faint groove wide and is divided into two parts. Radial nerve is located adjacent to this groove called sulcus radialis Nervi, below, will continue to face dışyan.
ç î side face; on the front and inward looking, this face, these formations are:

a) the bone from the upper end and a groove in piyeste beam in the two-headed muscle; b) the middle section, içyan close to the edge, the rough surface of a small c) in front of it, feeder channel hole (foramen nutrickım), d) in sub-section on a flat surface (on the lower part of the face, sometimes the process of a ridge can be seen supracon-dylicus name).

Sides, front side, side-up section is rough. the upper part of this section; intertubercularis'in dışyan lip sulcus, the lower part, the V-shaped deltoid pürtügünün makes the front lever. The following is a blunt front edge, semi-sub-section, two side edge of the pit boundaries and coronoid as two separate branches.

Dışyan edge, this edge is the up part of the vague, confused radialis'le Nervi sulcus; down part of the external epicondyle of the muscles on the sticks, a comb is in rough showing.

İçyan edge, this is greyed out and below a certain margin above the form.
Upper-end, the upper epiphysis of the bone also called the end of this overhang has three: 1) humeral head, 2) a large tubercle, 3) a small tubercle.

Head of the arm bone, 2 / 5 part of the look of a sphere is round and slippery over the head with içyana, back and up, on average, between caring and the axis of the object with its axis makes an angle of 130 degrees. Scapula glenoid fossa of the humerus with the head of the skeleton joints, big and small tubercle, anatomical neck (collum anatomicum) called the round is divided into a groove.

Large tubercle; Trochiter also called the tubercle; dışyanmda of the head, back and dışyanında small tubercle, separated from him is groove called sulcus intertubercularis.
Large tubercle on the top and back sides, front to the back part of the shoulder muscles that are arranged in three yüzcük mahsusdur clog.

Large tubercle sulcus in front of the outer lip intertubercularis'in starts.
Small tubercle; Troche, also called the tubercle, start in front of the upper epiphysis are among a large tubercle, between the first and collum anatomicum own, his second with the knobs on the shoulder muscles and the sulcus has intertubercularis musculus subscapularis sticks.

Six small tubercle, inner lip with intertubercularis'm sulcus extends.
Between large and small tubercles, the upper end of the groove are tüberküllerarası. The body in the bone flute 1 / 4 top with 3 / 4 the lower part of the line to the junction, and outside to the inside top-down direction, continues to show a slight curvature.

The muscles on the two lip stick and dışyan İçyan knobs are off. Crista tuberculin minoris name içyan lip area, starts small tubercle tubercle and crest of tuberculin Majoris name begins with the dışyan lip.

Body parts that combines the high end of humerus surgical neck round is called.
Lower-end, sub-diaphysis of the humerus, called the tip, flattened front to back and looking forward transverse axis of body in case the bone shows a slight curvature. Two of the other two sides in the middle of these extremes with four protruding, one of two pre-three percent of the depression on the back.

The middle of tabs, and are involved in the elbow joint. Içyandaki of them are in the form of rolls, trochloea humeri; dışyandaki başçık bite or are in the form of, is called capitulum humeri. There is also a ledge between the two.

Humeral reel, a reel 3 / 4 and the remaining part of the look of 1 / 4 the upper part of the bone are joined. Içyan part of the larger piece is semi-roller side dışyan, roller dışyandan içyana neck is curved from top to bottom, the upper end of the ulna skeleton crescent rolls eklemleşir notch. There are two cup-of Trochlea' on the front and rear. The triangle-shaped pit in front of these two arkadakinden is smaller, is called the pit, and the skeleton ulna coronoid coronoid tabs, forearm bending motion in time, gets into. The rear hole, pit olekran name skeleton that is located inside the state in time to open forearm, ulna olekran into prominence.

Başçığı humerus; Round-faced and fickle, these bite-shaped ledge, half-sphere-shaped, and face forward and look down. The skeleton with joints at the top of this ledge Radius başçığı and very shallow depression called the fossa into radial, bending movement of the skeleton of the forearm in time, into the front edge of the radius başçığının environment.

Name on the front of the lower end of the humerus between the two depressions in the oblique and long stretches of ledge above the front edge of the object.

Side overhangs the lower end of the name is located epicondyle of the humerus, and dışyanda içyan found.

İçyan epikondi; Troklearun içyan top edge and the body in which the bone is protruding from the front to the back of a blunt basıkça the frontend, the forearm shows the internal epicondyle kaslannın rough sticks.

On the back of top-down direction, the vertical convex, concave transverse groove in the ulnar nerve passed through piyeste is due to name sulcus ulnaris Nervi.

Dışyan epicondyle; İçyandakin-flattened and less prominent than those of the epicondyle, and extends above the bone on the edge of the body in dışyan pürtüklüklere, adheres to the muscles of the external epicondyle.
Ossification; humerus 8 kemikeşme point and develops. Point of fetal life is on the 40 th day of the primitive diaphysis. Secondary points, 3 of which the upper epiphysis, 4 of them are on the lower epiphysis after birth, according to instead of different ages can be seen.

Ossification of the humerus is completely combined and dialysis epifizlerle 20 to 26 years between the disappearance of synehondrosis epiphyseos'un.

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