Elbow bone

Forearm Skeleton

Elbow bone, elbow bone

Prism in the form of the long bones of the forearm skeleton içyanında, dışyanında radius and is parallel to it.

Each such an object and the two ends of long bones should be reviewed.

Field; ulna body is not completely straight line, as a forward-facing light and a concavity in the frontal plan, shows the faint S-shaped curvature. This curvature konkavlığı içyana top, bottom konkavlığı dışyana, look at you. Than the lower section of the upper part of the remaining three sides of the body and has three faces.

Faces the front, rear and içyan three blocks.
Pre-face, this face 3 / 4 upper part, the vertical and horizontal is concave, the other sub-division, cross-convex Uluk pürtük shows and over. This section of the bone above the foramen nutricium'u face 'ardır.

Rear face, back, and some lac dışyana this face, the length, a crested dimmed, and içyan dışyan divided into two parts. These sections are the faces on the forearm muscles of the back part of the 'apışır.
İçyan face that the whole length of the nine convex face.

Sides, front, rear and dışyan three blocks.
Pre-edge, all the length of the transverse convex kunttur.
Rear edge, this edge shows slight curvature of S in the form of the upper end of the two sides separated by stretches olekran'ın.
Dışyan edge, the edge of the central part of the thin and sharp sticks piyeste kemiklerarası membrane. This is divided into two ends of the edge up front and the rear end of the ended radial incisura.

Coronoid ridge, on the ledge of a four-sided pyramid-shaped, and is the top name coronoid beak. Forward-facing up and the base, adjacent to the front edge of the object. Semi-bottom and front to the upper face of the notch makes the crescent. Sub-face, the muscles have shown that adheres pürtüklülük narrowed down gradually in the rough ridge at the junction of the front edge, is called ulnar tuberosity. ties of muscles and joint capsule shows adheres pürtüklülük içyan face. Dışyan face, a large elliptical axis, front to back and top to bottom and a concave articular surface of the radius shows that the skeleton eklemleşir başçığı. This surface combines with the front tip of the coronoid beak. The rear end of the body from top to bottom and front to back extending to the rear edge of the crest, crest supinatoria name is the same name that can clog the benefit of the muscle.

Crescent shaped notch; Olekran'ın coronoid prominence with the upper surface of the front face of the merger occurs. The notch on the faces of the ledge at the junction of the two, is a contraction of the faces. Crescent shaped notch in the notch that separates the two vertical side slope and crest is still a blunt lunate; this crest skeleton humerus neck rolls, neck rolls on the sides of the slopes fit to the surface.

The bottom end, where one of the two spikes protruding içyanda dışyanda other one is round. First, the ulna başçığı;
second, the styloid ledge.

Ulnar başçığı; six flat, irregular roundness is an overhang, around the circle 2 / 3 percent, until down from above, a narrow cylindrical face, displays. Ulnar başçığının the face, the skeleton with the radius ulnaris'i eklemleşir incisura. The first line in the bottom face of a low wrist kemikleir Başçığın piyeste articıdaris their own borders with the discus.

Styloid projection; Ulnar başçığının içyan and a conical protrusion behind are the blunt end, the wrist joint içyan piyeste bond sticks. With the ulnar styloid başçığı overhang between the rear of the trough in musculus extensor carpi piyeste ulnaris'in beam passes.

Ossification, ulnar, one of the primitive, two of the three-point kemikleşir secondary. The first bone in the body, at the beginning of the second month of fetal life occurs. Latter is on the bone epiphyses; olekran on, at the age of the 8 th, 9 th at the age 6 to be seen on the ulnar başçığı. Diyafizle merger of Article 24 of them ends up at an early age.

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