Rotary Bone

Rotary Bone

Radius, ulna dışyanında, in line with him is a long bone, the skeleton of the wrist between the humerus with başçığı. In contrast to the lower end of the ulna bone, thicker than the upper end. Each long bone, such as an object of this bone, the two ends, is reviewed.

Field, Field içyana forward and shows a slight concavity. Triangular prism is in the form of the front, rear, and three face dışyan and front, rear, there are three sides içyan.

Pre-face, this face, just below the upper end and the two-headed muscle on the arm, also called girder yapıştığından bicipitalis because tuberosity, there are radial tubercle.

The length and breadth of this upper section of side mild konkavhk face, semi-sub-section lateral convexity concavity in the vertical light shows. On why the bone just above the middle of the falling body in place, the foramen is nutricium.

Rear face, this face 1 / 3 convex transverse upper section, 1 / 3 slightly concave in the middle of the cross is 1 / 3 from top to bottom in the lower part of the bone extending from the lower end of the notch on the back of two shows a slight groove. Middle section between the top three chapters in this section, curved from the inside out, adheres to the muscles on the lines.

Dışyan face that the whole length of this face is round. Middle section of the rough surface (pronatoria tuberosity) on the adhesive, the same name is the name of the muscle. The upper section of the face than on the rough surface adhesion to the supinator muscle.

Sides, front, rear and içyan three blocks.

The front edge, the radial styloid radial tubercle, beginning with the bottom edge of the ridge from top to bottom before going up to dışyana, then yöneltide is a vertical, the upper part of the specific, blunt, and at the lower part of the indefinite.
The rear edge; only the middle part of the object is a certain upper and lower sections is unclear.

İçyan edge, in a sharp edge, starting from under the edge of the radial tubercle of bone, the lower end of the two approaches çatallanarak, içyan this end we will see his face, incisura ulnaris'i front and rear boundaries. Içyan edge of the bone on the bottom a little over a section in the rough, strong fibers on the membrane adheres to interossea'nın, was called tubercle interosseum

Upper-end, high-end, a başçık, a neck and shows a tubercle.

Radius başçığı; short part of a cylinder-shaped başçığın, a depression on the upper side shows the skeleton of the humerus in a circle around the pit başçığı this is the joint operating name of the cylinder cicumferentia articularis free environment makes the top edge. In this environment içyanda height of 10 mm. dışyanda is only 5 mm. dir. Height is a large part of this environment, the skeleton with radial ulna joint makes incisura.

Neck radius, 10 mm. tall, round form of a groove, located between başçıkla radial tubercle.

The radial tubercle; the object and the radius of the front section of the upper neck under close-to-end, the oval form is a projection, a slight inclination of the axis shows the top-down and inside out. This is the middle of the ledge, slightly oval and the inner portion of the remaining section of the lower side than the rough and prominence. This last section of two-headed arm muscle sticks.

Lower-end, top-to-end by looking at the larger and larger, this low-end front to back, in the form of a rectangular prism is reviewed.

front face, body and extending from the front side, vertical shows a slight concavity.

Rear face, body and extending to the rear and side dışyan two broad groove in the middle of a crested ago, this large groove, the grooves are smaller and thinner ibikciklerle divided into a smaller notch. Forearm in the back of this olukcuklar Piyeste, extensor muscles will be some of the beams.

Dışyan face that extends down the radial styloid and the name of the knobby protrusion on the specific muscle and joint bond adheres to a ledge, it shows a groove on the top-down and outside to the inside line.

İçyan face, body içyan spawned below the edge of the triangle is in the form of two lips. This is near the top of the triangle is part of the rough on the adhesion to a specific muscle fibers, close to the base section, is concave from front to back and front to back length greater than the height of the incisura ulnaris name indicates an articular surface. This surface with the skeleton ulna eklemleşir başçığı.

Lower face; base içyanda, a triangular groove is divided into two parts from front to back. The first line in the triangle-shaped surface of the wrist bones of the skeleton Dışyandaki bone sandals, içyandaki surface of the quadrangular bone of the skeleton months, eklemleşir.

Ossification. This is one of the primitive bone (diaphysis of the bone), three secondary (başçık, and the tubercle of the lower-end) are points of ossification. The first is in the second month of fetal life, the other born in different ages scnra seen. (Başçıkta ages 4 to 9 th, 2 nd age 1 to the lower end, tubercle of Article 14 of age).

Completely ossification of radius between 20 to 25 th years.

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