Hand Wrist bones

Wrist bones

Two rows of eight on the bone. Upper (proximal) row; dışyandan îçyana correct: a) the boat bone, b) the month of bone, c) the pyramidal bone, d) occurred from nohutsu bone. Bottom row right in the dışyandan içyana: a) the trapezoid bone, b) the trapezoid bone, c) the large bone or bone-headed, d) from the hook bone occurs.

General characteristics of the bones of the wrist:

Each of the bones of the wrist bones of six short yüzlüdür whole. (Of these only four are the face of the bone nohutsu).

The front and rear faces are free, clog-off ties over with pürtüklülük joint shows. Joint faces of the upper and lower faces are convex Word of them, lower, concave. Dışyan İçyan and faces, the same row as the free ones on the sides of adjacent bones is eklemleşmiş, ligaments and muscles can clog the show-off protrusions.
Wrist bones of the first order:

Inner side face, concave bone is added above, below shows the two surfaces eklemleşen with the head of a large bone.
Dışyan face, a rough surface by means of sticks on the bond piyeste wrist adjacent the radial artery shows a notch.

Months of bone

The second bone of the upper row dışyandan. The lower end of the square radius of convex surface of the upper face eklemleşir.
Lower face, is concave, outer head of a large bone, içyanda a narrower part of the upper surface of the bone surface with dense jungle eklemleşir.

Pre-face, convex, the back face is flat, both of which show pürtük-lulu. Dışyan face, upper part of the boat with his face içyan bone, pyramidal bone dışyan içyan face to face with the eklemleşir.

Pyramidal bone

The third bone is the first order of Eibileğinin dışyandan, bone içyanında, quadrangular pyramid shape.
'The upper face, is convex, and its articular surface between the discus articularis başçığının piyeste ulna are.
Old face, is concave, the hook is located adjacent to bone.

Front side, a small articular surface of the bone have shown that this surface eklemleşir nohutsu.
Rear face, joints and rough cross-ties adheres to a hundred shows.
Dışyan face, the base of the pyramid is a bone eklemleşir months.
tçyan face is rough sivrimsi and fits on top of the pyramid.

Nohutsu bone

Irregular round and the size of a pea, this bone, with articular surface of the back side of a pyramid on the front surface of the bone, eklemleşir. The rest all over the surface of this bone shows an irregular roundness, two muscle specific clog-off, as shown by pürtük. Light next to the ulnar artery is located adjacent to the inner groove piyeste.

Altsıra wrist bones

Trapezoid bone

Dışyanındaki Altsıranın first bone is reviewed at the six faces.

Front side, this groove with a groove width greater than the height of the trapezium tubercle dışyanında name of an overhang; knobby joint on the bonds arka.yüzünün dışyanında adheres both internal and tubercle, the upper face, a concave face eklemleşen boat bone, the lower the first metacarpal on his face ' the transverse joint la concave, convex from front to back side of a joint, two joints on the rough and with a free face to face dışyan shows in the face of a içyan. This is the last of the face, upper part of the trapezoid bone is concave and large, flat, triangular-shaped lower section with the upper end of the second metacarpal, the joint does.

Trapezoid bone

Dışyandan altsırasının wrist bone is the second, front and rear faces of the free and rough, z ü ü ü sty sandal front to the back bone to the lower face convex and concave lower face transverse face dışyan face from top to bottom with the upper end of the second metakarp'ın convex, concave from front to back trapezium bone of a face, the concave side face içyan eklemleşir with large bone.

Large bone - bone head

The bottom row of wrist bones dışyandan third is the largest of wrist bones. Great top-down axis of the upper end of this bone is round, is called the head. This bone transverse flattened, blunt tip, similar to the rectangular piramid'e. Front face. the free and rough, the back side is rough and irregular in the form of a rectangular corner içyan it shows a bulge. Sub-surface, mid-wide and to be convex from front to back, shows the three surfaces. The middle third, the upper ends of the sides with the second and fourth metakarp'ın Dışyan jointed side, convex above, concave below shows two articular surface of the bone that the first boat, the second eklemleşir trapezoid bone. The whole length of the hook side of the bone joints İçyan, a triangular surface above the top of the base shows the following.

Bone hook

The fourth is dışyandan altsırasının wrist bone, below the base above the top of the pyramid is square.

Each of the four triangular faces of the front side of the bone is rough, the bottom of the face - içyan corner of the hook-shaped ridge is seen, with a low cross to the ledge dışyan concave face, the wrist bones of the wrist to tell the whole groove sınırlatmaya içyandan help, this hook içyan slight groove in the face from top to bottom, piyeste, located adjacent to certain vessels and nerves. Rough back side of the bone hook; dışyan face makes all the length of the large bone joints, and up içyana içyan face is looking at, such as a transverse ridge concave from front to back if the pyramidal bone eklemleşir convex.

The beak is blunt tip of the bone; months in length from front to back and narrow on the bottom surface of the bone, eklemleşir.

Wrist bones of the wrist and the whole groove

The eight wrist bones in the skeleton together, taking into account the convex back side of this mass, opening the front face of a concavity in the form of a forward-facing groove is shown. This is the outer limit of the groove with the trapeze boat bone bone tubercle tubercle; içyan nohutsu bone hook bone hook to make the limit.

Protrusions on the adhesive bond to the front of the wrist Piyeste eîbileği this groove, which translates to a channel called the channel through the channel, forearm flexor muscles of palpable beam passes through the median nerve.

Onko bones of the upper face of the whole with the bones of the lower end of Eîbileği joint operating, künr is in a ledge of the whole face of this, there are Member eîbileği lokması. This is the bottom face of the whole show jnetakarplarla eklemleşen irregular surfaces.
Ossification; Eîbileği belonging to each of the bones of a single point of ossification are seen. There are two bone ossification point of these solo boat.

Times of appearance of ossification points in the bones of the wrist that vary between 1.5 and 10 years of age.

Sandal bone age 5 th, 10 th nohutsu bone age, among other bones, 1.5 to 6 years of age, show ossification points.

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