Metacarpus bones

Hand Comb Chews

Metacarpus bones between the wrist bones of the skeleton of El kemikieriyle finger five is above altsıra kemikieriyle wrist, below the first set of fingers kemikieriyle, eklemleşirler.

This five-metacarpus bone names, right drşyandan içyana: the first, second, third, fourth, fifth metacarpus bone is called.

These five general characteristics of the bone are as follows: for each has a body and two ends, ends Word basis, lower, is called capitulum.

Fields, from the first informal, above all stay here is more narrow, forward-looking show a slight concavity. Kemiklerarası looks at a range of side faces. Back faces are slightly convex, front and side edges of the particular sub-sections, the upper portions siliktir.

Top tip: to be united under one object yüzlüdür. Faces the bottom row shows the top surfaces eklemleşen wrist bones. On the side faces, there are adjacent surfaces metakarplarla eklemleşen. The front and rear faces are free of the muscle and ligaments pürtüklülük clog shows off.

Lower end: in five is in the form of a başçık, finger bones of the lower faces of the first series eklemleşirler. Başçığın troughs on the sides and rear of the front of their small tubercles, with fingers of the bonds which adheres eklemleşmeye places. Başçığın front and rear faces rough.
El comb bones are special characters:

The first metacarpal, the others are short and somewhat flat from front to back. Basis'inde side there is the joint surfaces. The upper end of the joint surface, such as if the ridge from front to rear transverse convexity concavity, indicates.

The second metacarpal, the others are long, the upper end of the articular surface of dışyan there.
Adjacent to two sides of the upper end of the third and fourth metakarpların metakarplarla eklemleşen are faces.
The third metacarpal bones of the upper end of the dışyanı, rough above shows a taper. Here adheres to a particular muscle.
The fourth object metakarp'ın the incesidir others.

Metakarp'in upper end of the fifth, the fourth basis'i dışyanda eklemleşen with solo shows in a side surface. Içyanındaki this end, over rough ledge, adheres to a particular muscle.

Ossification: In general, for objects metacarpal bones, for a primitive and ends are a secondary point of ossification.

Primitive points in the second month of fetal life, while others are seen in the third age. Metakarpların among all the ossification of 16 to 18 years.

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