Array finger bones

Hand finger bones

Beşka thumb the other four fingers, each of the three series are bone. Consists of two bones in the thumb.

Finger and toe bones start to name names metakarplardan addition to the first, second, third, said that with the names. (For example, the thumb (Pollex), index finger, her finger the ring finger or fourth finger, little finger, or the fifth finger, first, second, third set of bones, etc.).

Finger bones are long bones, and the two ends of a piece being reviewed.
The first series of blade; Field of semi-cylindrical, convex back, the front face of transverse flat, slightly concave from top to bottom.
Top tip, middle, skeleton, with the articular surface of metacarpal başçığını a hole into the side of the joint seal off rough ties show a bulge.

Lower end; başçık this end, also called on the trochlea (trochlea phalangis) name with the joint operating area and the upper end of the second array is located in a surface. Trochlea and sunk two sides of a rough surface shows off yapışmasma joint ties.

The second series of the bone; Field first dizilerinkine similar, mid-upper end of a blunt concave articular surface of the two shows separated by crested. Lower end shows the character of the first series.

The third series of the bone; Bodies is a short, straight behind the front convex, similar to the upper ends of the lower ends of the second dizilerinkine convex and rough, and this pürtüklülük, ahead of a horseshoe or half moon shape facing açıklağı shows up. This is called pürtüğe unguicularis tuberosity.

Series of bones of the thumb, thumb first set of sequences similar to the first bone with the other fingers, the two of you: there are some characters to the array looks like. The third series of the second series of thumb is the same of them is larger than the other fingers.

Ossification, and the lower end of each series of cismine a primitive bone ossification of the upper end point and the secondary has a point. The first is in the second month of fetal life, and the second appears between the ages of 2 and 4 of Article. Ossification sequences between 18 and 20 years.

Sesamoid bones of the hand

Name of the sesamoid bones and the skeleton hand is always there even though two of them, sometimes in several places in number of different bones are given this name. All of them are on the front of the hand with a finger metacarpal bone combined with beşparmağın always place the two in line and is located side by side in front of the metacarpal başçığının. Içyandaki them round yumurtamsıdır dışyandaki. Flat is located adjacent the rear faces of the joint with the bone side does. Convex faces of the other related to the neighboring muscles. Sesamoid bones, sometimes with the first series between the second and fifth finger, metacarpal bones, the bones, including rarely seen series of the third and fourth fingers.

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