Hip bone

Flat bones of the hip bone, the propeller or the top hole is closed 8 format, on the front and the middle line, against the real bone, behind the sakrumla eklemleşir.

The four are part of the hip bones:

1) Upper part, is flat and wide, or iliac wing, called the hip bone is.
2) rear tracks, or iskion Oturgan bone.
4) Three-piece meets the middle part.

The general appearance of the bone in the face of middle segment dışyan pit, bush is called the pit.
Form with an oval hole between the pubis iskion, for piyeste muscles covered, which means plugging the hole is called obturator foramen.

The first three of these four pieces of bone, bone kemikleşmesinde as we shall see, from the three primitive ossification occur.

Ilium, pubis, ischion the primitive parts of the ossification of the function of bone, the right middle section has developed, this medium to bring about.

To read it in the form of an irregular quadrangular bone of the hip by accepting the two sides, four sides and four angles are reviewed.

Dışyan face, this face of the bone, from top to bottom, top, middle, bottom part is reviewed in three sections:
a) The upper section is the face of ilium'un dışyan; b) The middle section is hokkaçukur, b) in sub-section, there are parts of that surrounds him with obturator foramen.

a) İlium'un dışyan face, semi-circular form and older, although it is concave from top to bottom, front to back before the concave and then convex, concave and convex respectively, then show as a volatile situation. The majority of the middle gene. 'Work here is showing a depression, there are Member of hip external pit.

This is one percent of the rear, two front and upper lower case, as there are three lines parallel to each other. And between the muscles on top of them Piyeste ilye sticks.

Rear ilye line, forward and slightly concave vertical case, this face 1 / 6 rear and 5 / 6 junction is where the front part of.
Front lines on top, the bottom line at the top of the lower ilye ilye line is that the name of the bone, the first one in the center of the face, opening shows the forward and downward-facing concavity, and the second from now on the border before, in parallel with the bottom of the face and just above acetabulum'un.

Thus, the ilium'un dışyan side, rear, top and bottom of turn around is divided into three sections with the large, medium and small stick ilye muscles. Front of them - just below the top of the line and in the middle of bone, one of the main feeder holes, is located.
Ifame pit; is in the form of a gap opening half kurre forward and looks down and out. This hole is round and blunt, and on the circumference of the limbus acetabuli name, front, bottom and rear are three notches. The acetabulum is deep and wide notch in the bottom of them is called the notch.

Bush inside the pit, one of the rectangular shape in the middle, rough and flattened, the acetabulum is a deep pit called the department, and the moon as it pürtüksüz around, facies lunata shows the name of the two sections. Piyeste the first one, not into the hip joint surface and the second-in, part.

Are combined with the notch on the lower part of the acetabulum acetabulum pit.

Plugged hole, oval men, women, this hole in the form of an irregular triangle, above the acetabulum, pubis in front, rear, surrounded by ischion.

First, the area around the hole, and then himself, let's review.

Roof bone - pubis; this, an object in front of the foramen obturatum'un the front of the hole - the upper limit, acetabularis pars, pars symphisica the front-lower limit, there are two arms of the name. Both arms are called pubic ramus ossis.
Field, is in the form of rectangular cross-flattened and irregular in the rough at the level of the front edge of the mound, pubic tubercle (tubercle pubicum), a comb between the top edge of the acetabulum in this tüberkülle UE obturatoria the crest, under which a large trough in the sulcus Obturatory case, there is.

Pars acetabuîaris, is part of the corpus ossis pubis and acetabulum, with the sulcus Obturatory dışyan öbturatoria seen on the crest.

Symphisica pars, pars pubica'sı ischion'un cismini combine with part of the pubis.

Oturgan bone - Iskion; foramen obturatum'u rear-limiting, is thick and blunt section, this, convex back and a large rough, acetabulum'a combining it with part of the body iskion acetabularis pars, and pubis, combining the two arms of the name has pubica pars. This two-arm, with pars pubica symphysica'sı pars in between pubic bone and the foramen obturatum'un gold piece limit iskion - arm is called the pubis.

Top acetabulum, pubis, and the two parts of the front, rear, and two part ischion bounded by the circumference of the hole plugged in general is in a sharp edge. This is on the environment, above and below the incisura acetabuli'nin sometimes seen it in line with a tubercle in front of the sulcus under pars acetabularis obturatorium pubic ramus ossis seen.

Internal face, this face back to front and top to bottom in the middle of the terminal line or in a back area with various names, such as anonymous line is divided into two pargaya. This makes a large part of the pelvic skeleton emik back of the upper middle portion of stenosis blunt, is a double-edged front of each section is called pubic comb.

The remainder of the line on this side of the hip bone içyan broad triangular, pürtüksüz and is hollow, hollow of the hip is called. İçyana, facing forward and upward to close the hole on the anonymous tip line, the back bone is one of the main feeder holes.

Hip rectangular hole behind the rough and there is a section that looks like it for the lower part of the ear sayvanına luricularis facies, the upper section is located in the hip bone was pürtüğü. The first is the face of the same name with the joint makes sakrumun. Some of the low back muscles and joints which ties into rough sticks.

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