What is the pelvic bone?

Alttaraf with spine between the bones around the pelvis to be in the form of a cap (the pelvis) of the skeletal part of the name; behind occyx sacrum and the sides between the hip bones consists of eklemleşme-Sinden.

Insights into the sides and the middle part of the pelvis caused by two forward slashes in the form of a darlıkla Kabartının (above stenosis) is divided into two parts. Large bowl, small bowl

This is the boundary that separates the two pelvis:

1) back and in the middle, between the fifth lumbar and first sacral vertebrae protrude, promontorium;
2) Lateral, a) parts of the sacrum and üium
occurring in two parts with the name of the terminal line b) ossis Pecten pubis; c) the upper edge of the rear lip angulus pubicus'un
3) front and center, the upper edge of the pubis simfizinin.

Overall churn paper cup in the form of a game, but the shape and size of the party and the shortness of the upper pelvis forward and down to vary according to sex on a plane is facing, there is an angle of 60 degrees from the horizontal plane.
Great basin, the upper parts of the stenosis on the left side of the terminal line and hip sakrum'un with pits remaining on the space in between sections.

Small basin; Solo basin (pelvis) also known by the name of a small basin, all below the pelvis bcşluğunun part. Stenosis at the bottom of the bottom with the name of the main form and a darlıkla piyeste limited.

Sub-narrowing in front, bottom and middle bottom edge of the pubis sinfizinin, rear and top of the middle coccyx'in; sides iskion - arms and pubic mound iskion. Piyeste with them, on each side, covering the notch between the sacrum with iskion bump sakro - tuberal bonds are.

Small basin interior side, front and center, back of the pubis sinfizinin; sides with the surrounding bone sections of the foramen and ramie ossis obturalum ischii acetabularis pars; behind eoccyx'in sakrumun and is limited to the concave side of the front.
Small pelvis, called the inner side of a narrow stenosis at the middle shows the environmental people, this moderate stenosis limit of the fourth and fifth behind the joint between the sacrum vertebrası; the sides, and the thorn spina pubis ossis ischii sinfizinin 1 / 3 sub-section and 2 / 3 the upper part of the drawn between the lines. In addition to these sakro Piyeste sides - has the spinal mounts.

Small pelvis axis, konkavlığı forward-facing front to back diameter is a line parallel to the curvature of the middle and passes sakrumun.

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