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The skeleton, the chest in front of the cage-shaped part of the vertebrae.
There are three sections in this piece, also called chest:

1) Thoracic vertebrae
2) Ribs
3) breast bone

Breast bone, sternum is

Sternum, rib cage in front of the center line from front to back on the flat 15 to 20 cm. long, dagger-shaped bone.

Slightly tilted back to front from top to bottom direction of the two ends of the bones of the entire upper and lower edge of the front and rear side there are two sides of the two.

Sternal, as a primitive consists of separate parts called sternebra. These are combined with each other during the development of bone, in the end, that is, in the age of adulthood is in three parts. According to the bone fragments of the dagger in them:

1) Handle
2) Body
3) Sternum'un hançersi tip or protrusion is called.

Furthermore, these three parts: praesternum, mesosternum, also called onphis-ternum.
Dimensions, is the first part of the bone 5-6 cm at its widest point. dir. Average 10-20 mm in thickness than the upper parts. dir.

Pre-face, top to bottom, this percentage is convex, joins with each other showing sternebraların marks are nothing more than a non-transverse crest. Smack into the top ridge line of the merger between body forward at an angle that it makes the angle of Louis Sterne) is called. (Smack between the joint body called symphysis Sterne is also the junction of these two parts is seen in the elderly.)
Sides of the front face above the surface rough-kleido sterno - mastoid muscle m below pectoralis major sticks.

Rear face, this face is concave pürtüksüzdür, transverse crest on the more uncertain.

The side edges, each notch on the edge of seven ribs (incisura Costales) shows that they do joint with seven rib cartilage.
There are six notches in the ribs from among them, getting contracts in the latter from the top down.

Upper-end, the base of the bone in the middle of these extremes, the two sides are three notches. Incisura jugularis Konkavlığı upturned middle notch; konkavlığı side notch up and the foreign minister also called the collarbone and eklemleştiklerinden clavicularis incisura.

Lower-end, the end of the bone is the thinnest part of the overhang hançersi fprocessus ensiformis) is called. combined with the middle line shows the two side tracks.

Ossification, cartilage is the first draft of the bone connecting the two side parts with each other shows the mid-line.

After five and sixth month of intrauterine life and sternebranın manubrium points are displayed for each of the separate ossification. Bone handle, one for the first sternebra and hançersi overhang, located in the middle line of ossification points in the other 2, 3, 4 th sternebralar point to have two ossification. As mentioned above, the merger between manubriumla ihtiyarlıkta sternebra is the first case, the other adult age groups sternebraların merger is completed.

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