Bone Structure of the Spine Spinal Anatomy

Structure of the spine, the spine of the entire Reading

Dimensions: 75 centimeters length of the spine. Maximum diameter of the base of the spine that hizasıdır sakrumun.

Curvatures; These curves are of two types:

1. Front to back
2. Side

Part of the neck and lumbar spine in a forward-facing concavity convexity is a forward-facing part of the chest and sacrum.

These curves vary with age. Newborn curvature of the spine has a forward-facing only konkavlığı chest section. The other two curves is uncertain certain. Child oturmağa and'm walking tall after the town before the start that he begins to curvatures.

Side curves, 4, 5, 6 th thoracic vertebrae at the level of a slight curvature is seen, it looks to the left concavity many cases, scoliosis name this side of the curve and are considered to be at a later bağlanılmaktadır various reasons. (As a private school sıralarındaki bad living habits among them).

External appearance of the spine

It can play is part of the remaining portion of the spine above sakrumun top to bottom, multiply the diameter of the sacral vertebrae to the size, increases steadily. In the next part of the spine, sacrum is moving down gradually reduces the diameter of this section.

Their arrival in front of the vertebral bodies of the entire spine in the middle row shows a colon.

Spinose projections on the back of the spine on the middle line on top of a crest with the cessation of the length of the sides shows a trough projecting spinose the groove inner side, outer side of joint in the vertebrae at the bottom laminations with projections and transverse projections are limited.

Side faces of the spine between the vertebrae and their stems are omurlararası holes.

Spinal canal; Omur holes in a row came to this channel, the neck and waist in a triangular prismatic, almost cylindrical in the chest section.

The width of the channel, the spine of the neck and waist than the movement of parts of the chest is greater than the parts.

The development and ossification of vertebrae, each bearing a vertebrae in the offspring of his life in the third point of ossification are primitive görüien. One of these two sides object. Between three and four years combined with Yanlardakiler cisminki.

Çıkınlıları spine on each of five secondary (secondary) are points of ossification, one of the protruding spikes on top, two sides of a cross on top of ledges, including one body found in the upper face, upper and lower body on the latter part of the guise they are fin-shaped bone epiphyseal discs Gets the name. They are seen between the ages of ten up to fourteen, from 20 to 25 years between the developments in the ends, and no cartilage on the bone that is not part of sections with each other starting points of ossification are completely united. Sakrumun vertebrae with each other if the merger is completed thirty years old.

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