Tail bone

Büyüyememiş merger of four to six tail vertebrae in humans occurred in a triangular bone above the base.

The front of this bone is slightly concave flattened front to back, the rear face is convex, there are grooves on the lateral parts of the vertebrae fusion ligamentum Sacro - ischial with rough edges, as each side musculus coccygicus'un the notch at the junction of the tail vertebrae shows.

Coccyx facies terminalis, the caudal base, with mid-sakrumun a joint takes its name for the facies terminalis sacralis; sides the other is one of the vertical transverse offset are two horny horns with the joint that makes the first sacral. Hill is the youngest of the last vertebrae of primitive tail vertebrae is composed of a blunt triangle görünüşündedir.

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