Sacrum coccyx bone

Comparative anatomy rump bone, called the sacrum, the merger of five sacral spine occurred on the middle line, one and a symmetrical bones. He is with them, pelvic cavity between the two hip bones (pelvis) does.

If you are looking forward and is seen to be concave side down. For this reason, the columns and the fifth lumbar vertebrae lumbar vertebrae and the front overhang of the wide angle rear-facing opening is called promontuar. This angle in women 118, men 125 degrees.

Sakrumun format, the top floor above and below the four-sided pyramid, similar to the flattened front to back. Therefore, a base of a hill will say four hundred.

Pre-face, this face looks forward and down. Is concave in the middle from top to bottom in each direction, five vertebrae and five spine junction that separates the parts of the linea cismini transverse cross-case four-line displays the name of the field. Side ends of the lines, the front four holes sakrumun named eight holes outward are elongated. What is the smallest of holes at the bottom, the top is the highest.

Rear face; cutecunt very irregular and the other face to face reverse convex. Middle line, and five toes on the ledge sakrumun medium comb called a crest is seen in the merger. This crest çatallanarak below each of the two protruding ends with the name of sakrumun horn. Among them, called the opening of a cleft palate and sacral canal are seen.

Sakrumun similar to the holes on the front in the middle ibiğinin sides, each side is called the four pairs of holes on the back of the sacrum hole. These holes are smaller than the holes in the front. From top to bottom than the holes closer to each other. This is a set of holes inside and outside the arrival of tubercle in a row, is the length of the two comb. içtekine came in joint outcrops, outcrops of sacral articular crest dıştakine cross-tabs that were called sakrumun side comb.

Side faces. Kulaksız side faces and the upper half of the joint is broad face (facies auricularis) indicates the name of the articular surface of the oyukça. This is a little behind the face and punched her in the face of a ridge is called a bump on the sacrum. The bottom half of the side edge is in the form of a narrow and full above the edge of a thick rough.

Base, base up and looks out over the middle line of the first sacral vertebra behind her face and upper body in the form of a triangular hole in the sacrum channel is up. More exterior and rear overhangs the name of the upper joint space and the first sacral vertebra, oyukluğu rear-facing ledges are joint top. Than the triangular sides, the top side of the body, smooth, slightly hollow, and the name of the side parts of the faces are seen. The front edges of the faces are round and concave make a part of the border that separates the small and large tub.

Hill, Hill will make a major axis transverse joint with the articular surface of the coccyx case shows, here also called apex ossis sacré.

Sacral canal; sacrum channel, the lower part of the spinal canal.

Three-cornered prismatic form, above the base, gradually getting tight and basıklaşan hill below.
The lower end of the opening of the channel back in the form of a groove, called the hiatus canalis sacralis aspects of a cleft is in the form of horn is cornu ossis sacré name.

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