Lumbar vertebrae

This is great omurlarınkinden vertebrae other objects, a large spike in cross-böbreksi format. Smack more thick, laminae widths than heights, bumps or other protrusions in the form of rectangular omurlarınkinden thicker, as a case-to-back is horizontal, the künttür ends. Transverse ridges are called lumbar vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae handles these overhangs combined with projections on the upper joint is misaligned starting tight ends in incelmiştir extensions. These projections are as low back ribs, place them back side of the merger process of the lower section of the accessorius called tubercles.

Protrusions in the upper lumbar spine transverse joints are straight, the inner faces of the adjacent joint is in the form of a groove and a little look back since konkavlığı interior. Tubercle on the outer side faces of the upper articular process of the ledge is mamillaris name.

Faces outward and is caring for a little ahead of projections on the bottom of joint at the bottom of his spine with the overhang of the upper joint eklemleşecektir pike come across.

Lumbar spine vertebrae holes in the form of an equilateral triangle.

Be! spine showing special characters:

Overhang of the first lumbar vertebrae transverse process of the lumbar spine is the smallest of the other costarius'ü.
The fifth lumbar vertebrae body in the back of the front elevation is higher. The lower spine joint has moved away from the tabs across the waist omurlarına looking at each other too much.

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