Breast vertebrae

Thoracic vertebrae

The neck vertebrae omurlarınkine bodies are thicker than transverse diameter roughly equal to each other and from front to back. One side faces the rear parts of the above bodies, the other below the ribs with the head of the joint are the faces. Each head of a rib joint on the two yüzcükle with two adjacent vertebral body makes the body in thoracic spine, vertebra hole than the concave side of the front of the back of the limit.

Word stems deeper than the notches on the bottom of this vertebrae. Laminalarının widths greater than the height.

Side overhangs, is directed towards the outer side and a little backwards. They are blunt free ends of each cross on the front of the ledge a hundred who are joint with the rib tubercle
Barb ridge is directed downwards and back ends are not forked.

Joint ledges, cross the ledges above and below the base of the articular surfaces of the upper back, outer side and the bottom up, as otherwise fully forward and down and looks at the inner side.
Thoracic spine vertebrae değirmidir hole.

Thoracic spine those special characters:

Reminiscent of the first thoracic vertebra body omurlarınkini neck, upper face with them they are the hook protrusions. Furthermore, the side faces of the upper rib çukurcuklarından, eklemleşen first rib with the whole head, face, although it is a full half of the second rib with the head half yüzcük eklemleşen form.

There is the tenth thoracic vertebra body in pits on the sides of the lower joint.
The eleventh and twelfth thoracic vertebrae bodies, the side faces adjacent ribs and ribs joint is unique in the pits will all face in the form of the joint surface is in a complete, cross them yüzcükler çıkıntılardaki ribs joint is made.

On the bottom of the second thoracic vertebra joint projection of the direction of the surface that is completely similar to the front and inside back omurlarınkine not look at the external side and slightly forward.

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