Cervical spine

The neck vertebrae

Thoracic and lumbar spine vertebrae to separate the characters from this at the beginning of the vertebral arteries pass through the cross çıkıntılarındaki transverse ridge vents and holes.

Furthermore, spine neck vertebra and the soles of the holes in the form of a triangle is the front end of the two bifurcate into two tüberküllüdür transverse ledges. Tubercle in front of them, tubercle ventrally posterior tubercle, dorsal tubercle is called. The joint ends of the joint faces of the ledges, the pen is cut, such as Word back up and are just lower, forward and looks down.

Furthermore, spine neck top two tüberküllüdür spine protrusions.
Vertebral body in these cross-sections behind the front of a long and thicker than the upper surfaces of the two knobs, also called the hook in the form of a half moon with them, beside them on the lower surfaces of the lower spine çengellerini into the neighboring area is two notches.

Vertebrae in the neck showing a separate special characters:
The first of them is the neck vertebrae, the second cervical vertebrae and the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae bone axis show a different special character.

The first cervical vertebrae (Atlas), giving this name because of this were: the head is carried on a circle. Front and rear side of the two arches connected to each other, the masses have occurred. Atlas is the largest arches in the neck vertebrae of the foramen between the vertebrae and other omurlarınkinin the largest of the masses.

Shows a forward-facing convexity somewhat flat front waistband front to back. Atlas anterior tubercle on the middle line on the face, the second cervical vertebra on the concave side of the back teeth with the overhang of the articular surface of the joint there is a elintik the facies articularis dentalis it is called.

Have shown that a forward-facing concavity on the back of the rear arch and the dorsal tubercle on the middle line is called an overhang.

Two sides of the arch the back edge of the rear side of the masses as it is united with the upper face of the arch at the level of this junction in the transverse groove, sulcus artery, vertebral artery passes through the same name in the name of AHR.

The masses are flattened from top to bottom on the front to the back side of the upper inner side, outer side and the length of the transverse direction, more than doubling the elliptical hole is called the superior fovea articularis, The occipital bones of the head with a joint will increase the pit.

Slightly concave from front to back side of the masses as a transverse convex bottom side of the articular facies's name is inferior to the articular surface of the top of the axis of the bone eklemleşecektir.

Front and rear faces of the side of the masses, there are front and rear arches, in the face of a large tubercle içyan are due to the side of the masses arising from the external side after the two sides combine to bring the stem side of the foramen transversarium'u make projections. This is the tip of the side ledges in a single protrusion is not a two tüberküllü.

second cervical vertebrae - axis of bone; the spine on the body has a vertical protrusion on the back of the atlas anterior arch articular surface makes the axis of this ridge of bone is the female name.

Such as female dog with a conical protrusion of bone axis dens'in body combined with a base, a height that is slightly above the DARCAN, Blunt called the top of the apex dentis, basıkça dens is a bit front to back, front and rear faces, and the elliptical form side vertical axis shows the two major joints of which is convex on each side of the front facies articulares ventrales atlas joint makes the front of the belt behind the elliptical, concave facies articulares dorsales so-called top-down back, is convex transverse cross-link stimulation of articulus atlanto epistrophicus'a.

It overhangs the bone joints of the upper and lower case instead of name laterales articulares facies are the joint surfaces. Both sides of the upper articular surface of the tooth is a narrow groove between the two are oval in front to the back of this face is curved from side to side slightly convex and the outer, lower joint nihayetlerinin faces the front of the stems below the vertebra.

This bone stem (radix arcus), the upper articular surface of the upper face of the notch between the front end with no vertebral arch.

Tüberküllüdür very small and only one out cross.

Transversariumu surrounding the spinal dorsal root foramen anterior root stem, spinal cisminden born. Arches of the axis of the bone (laminations) thick, and the tip of a rather large thorn in the two tüberküllüdür overhang.
Vertex is a triangular hole in the base ahead of a width of less than atlasınkinden.

The sixth cervical vertebrae: This spine transverse ridge anterior tubercle, the other omurlarmkinden more bold and more prominence. This art. Chassaignac to show for the first time with the neighborhood comır.unis carotid tubercle or tubercles caroticum''Sextus cervicales vertebrae) is called.

Seventh cervical vertebrae: The cervical spine in the shape of a right chest omurlarına omurudur passage.

Body in the lower parts of side faces of the joint with a face that sometimes shows the first rib, transverse ridges and a tüberküllüdür longer. Through the vertebral artery foramen transversarium piyeste does not like to be very small.

Higher than its predecessor omurlarınkinden vertebra arches, toes overhang and taller than the one tüberküllü. The spike protruding from under the skin to the vertebral level that can be noticed even the naked eye and hand were prominens name.

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