What is the spine, the spine bone

Spine; body on the line behind the middle, long, strong and eğrilebilen, bone is a colon. Up and down with the tip of the head with the tip of the spine with pelvic joint does.

Spine, spinal cord within its own channel, a protective sheath made ​​of bone.

There Are Few Spine, the spine, called vertebrae, 33 to 35 pieces of bone occurs. 7 neck vertebrae separately as this one (neck vertebrae) of 12 chest (thoracic vertebrae), waist 5-(lumbar vertebrae) is. After that the rear part of the basin below the 4 to 5 out of 6 of them in adults Sakrum'u combined, however, in adults, combine to constitute the tail bone.

General character of vertebrae

Each vertebrae has the following formations:

Vertebral body
Spinal root
Vertebral arch
Barb ridge
Transverse ridge
The joint protrusion
Omur hole

1. Vertebral body

Vertebral body, a cylindrical format, there are two sides and an environment, both the upper surface of vertebral body in the middle of the lower surface of both Cukurca and rough, the edges of the ring is surrounded by a compact tissue. Field of the front and sides around the middle of the face in the form of groove, while the back side of the object around the hole and the adjacent vertebrae are concave transversely, on the circumference of the object has holes in the vessel passes. Disc is located adjacent to the upper and lower faces of the object from piyeste vertebrae.

2. Spinal root

Bodies behind the line connecting the right and left, front to back and then say two pieces of bone and joint cross-tabs spinal vertebrae body combines with the belt. Omur handle two sides also called the top and bottom of the notch roots are in the upper and lower vertebrae which make holes in the same çentikleriyle omurlararası combined, the lower vertebra stems deeper than the notches of superiors.

3. Vertebral arch or laminası

Vertebra on the right and left handles back of the spine combined with the tab on the center line makes two arch and spine behind the hole boundaries, directions front to back, outside to the inside, and from top to bottom. Faces are rough and transverse concave top edge of the front shows a comb, comb the front face and the specimens also called the ligamentum ligamentum interarcuaria flavea the sticks ..

4. Barb ridge

Vertebral arches combined with the middle line is prolonged backwards occurs. Flattened on the sides of the two side edge of the ledge, the two top and bottom edge, behind which is attached to the base of a hill there is a.

5. Transverse ridge

Starting with the vertebrae aligned laminası united vertebrae transverse direction, the two sides of the handle of the ledge, as the free ends of the ledges in the front, rear, two side, top and bottom edge, there is a base and a topping.

6. The joint protrusion

Vertical direction, and two of the bottom four of the top two of these projections, vertebrae misaligned united stems begin with laminations. Name of the joint surfaces of the upper and lower ledges aîan the upper and lower vertebrae and joints make the same projections.

7. Omur hole

Vertebral body in front, the sides are bordered by the hole in the vertebra laminations stem and spinal vertebrae above and below holes combined spinal channel (canal vertebrae) will bring about.

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