Microscopic appearance of the bones

Histology of bone tissue along with our topic of the bones into the girmemekle find useful to give a brief information.

Bone tissue called bone lakünleri small, oval pits with a hard bone cells within the intermediate material structure. Bone lakünleri, twenty to thirty microns in length and around the oval pits in the form of extension and up to a micron-scale kıvrıntılı kanalcıklarla merge with neighboring lakünlerin kanalcıkları; they occur in dry bone preparations.

Bone cells, encapsulated in the form of polygons in a cell is located in and around the many extensions of this cell in the bone itself in lakünü; extensions in the osteoplastların kanalcıkları.
With calcium salts in the composition of Lakünler Ossein surrounded by a main substance.

Preparatında Havers channels around the gaps, called a bone in the form of concentric circles surrounded by circles or osteoma Havers are called lamellae system, the veins in the Havers channels has nothing to do with bone kanalcıkları.

Chemical makeup of bone maintenance

Organic and inorganic chemical maintenance of bone tissue consists of two items, 30% of the first and the second is about 70%, organic matter is called Ossein. If a bone in acid solution into the left klorasidi metallic materials such as these in the solution to soften and Ossein eriyeceğinden in bone remains.
2.5% of inorganic substances flüor'dur u kalsyum.

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