What is ossification

Develops in the bone or tissue (fibrous ossification) or draft a cartilage occurs (enchondral ossification).

1) Connective tissue ossification, ossification of skull and bones of the face is this group, embryonal survival ossification points directly to a connective tissue within the bones begins.
2) cartilage ossification (ossification enchondral); body, head and facial bones gayrısında a cartilage ossification points of the draft starts, and eventually, all cartilage kemikleştiği covering their faces even though only a thin layer of articular cartilage ossification remains.

Drafts of this cartilage ossification points that appear on the first primitive (primitive) is called ossification points. Most of the other points that appear later give rise to bone tabs is called the secondary ossification points.

Primitive long bones, ossification points in the mid-diaphysis, while the secondary ossification points epifizlerdedir.

Epifizlerdeki merge cartilage; long bones, seen ages diafizle epiphyseal cartilage between the bones in the development of these parts are called.

Periostik ossification; diafizdeki enchondral during the development of ossification of the bones, while the cartilage gets the character of the surrounding periosteum perikondr membrane called the conjunctiva. Thickening of the inner surface of the bone ossification with osteogenesiz help.

The arrival of channels in the bone marrow, long bones body on the one hand, while kalınlaşırken perikondral with an ossification in the middle of the object seen in the event of a dissolution and absorption.

Enchondral the bone, diaphysis, and thus will be lost in a space called a shaft in the middle of the channel occurs in bone marrow.

Bone marrow in the bone marrow is a fresh channel.

The consistency of jelly soft tissue and bone marrow of the bone marrow cavities of the channel is located within the tissue and the sponge. Bone marrow hematopoiesis has an important role in the business.
Bone marrow, yellow, red, may be gelatinous.

Red marrow; dark red color and is located in the cavities of the fetus and young children with bone. Solo adults vertebral body, the bones of the skull base, ribs, sternum and some bones, such as are available in sponge tissue.

Jelatinsi warm, has taken this name because of the consistency of solid and semi-transparent. This is sometimes warm and flat bones, and rarely in adults, in particular, face and skull bones are sponge tissue.

Preserve bone, long-time technical methods to be kept intact under the ground and dried or dry bones. Skeletons on the bones, dry bones, soft bones in them there parts.

Age bone, and those in the fresh specimens of the bones, the bones are not dry them:

1) periosteal
2) Sponge tissue and bone marrow in the bone marrow canal
3) There are joint cartilage faces.

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