First, Second, Eleventh and Twelfth Ribs

First Rib

The short ribs are all up and down the wide and somewhat flat, up one so the other one down her face, is one of the edges are convex outward, the other is concave facing inward. The upper side facing upward and slightly forward, and her middle a little bit in front of the ledge near the inner edge is called a Lisfranc tubercle, anterior scalene muscle on the sticks. Two on the ledge in front of and behind the wide but shallow grooves. Piyeste, in arakadaki arter'a subclavian subclavian vena cava is located in the front. Sulcus costae ribs at the rear end like this is not the top down başçık a somewhat flat surface and neck.

Second Rib

The ribs are curved faces, such as how the first horizontal nor vertical, like the others. Outer side face of the rough surface towards the middle of the second rib pürtüğü (tuberosity costae secunda) is called here the middle and rear skalenler that sticks. These ribs do not costae in sulcus.

Eleventh and Twelfth Ribs

In these, such as whether the rib tubercle başçıklarında alone has a joint surface. Article 12 of the ribs from the rib groove, nor what is the angle of the ribs. This latter is very different length of the ribs, as well as 14 cm is too short. as possible.

Ossification; primitive points of the ribs, such as vertebrae, 50 to 60 th day of intrauterine life, body 2 / 3 with the front part 1 / 3 appears on the back part.

Secondary points are başçıkta tubercles and Article 16 the right age develops.

Cartilage ribs, ribs, cartilage, bone, the front ends of ribs are present, they are flattened from front to back, the front face of a convex to a concave rear face, top and bottom two edges, an inner end at the outer end of a show. The latter is embedded in a hollow in the front end of the bone ribs.

The inner ends of the first seven ribs from the sternum cartilage and joints do 8, 9, 10 unculardan merge with one in each upper rib cartilage. 11, 12 ncilerin the free inner ends of the cartilage ribs fazlalaşır lengths up to seventh from the first, then decreases.

Cartilage ribs are different directions in the second and third even though they are just the first cross-over and is curved inward and outward over the others.

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