Breast Structure Breast Cage

General Structure of the chest, chest Structure

Thoracic vertebrae, ribs and sternum, collectively, the skeleton of the chest (rib cage), they do.

External appearance; chest cage, a little flattened from front to back below the base shape of a cone, front, rear, two side faces has a base and a topping.

Pre-face, from top to bottom and back slightly bent forward, this face width increases gradually from top to bottom. This is in the middle of sternum and ribs and cartilage on the sides with the front ends of the ribs are 1 to 9 th.
The rear face, in the middle of the spine and the spine protrusions, grooves on the sides spine, ribs and rib angle of the rear ends of shows.

Side faces, the ribs are convex partitions between the front and rear angles gradually widens and then narrows as shown by the seventh rib.

Base of the rib cage, from front to back, in the middle hançersi ledge, sides, front ends of the ribs 7 to 10 th of cartilage in combination with each other from the edges, the ribs of the belt name kenar'ar, 11 th ribs from the front end, the 12 th and 12 th ribs from the lower edge of the chest limited to the vertebrae.

Looks at the base of the rib cage down and forward. Shown in front of the angle of the base peak, which is called Charpy angle is 70-75 degrees. The side edges of the angle of Article 7 to 10 ribs are made ​​of cartilage, the ribs are nothing more than the belt.

The medium diameter of the rib cage from front to back base 12, transverse diameter 26 cm. dir.

Chest Hill, was cut, leading incisuru jugularis, the sides of the first rib, the rear is limited to the first thoracic vertebrae. Large diameter, elliptical cross this hole, protrude into the rear edge of the first thoracic vertebrae, chest forward and down direction of the cut at the top is curved elliptical hole. Medium diameter of 6 cm from front to back. transverse diameter of 10 cm. long.

Interior view, inside the walls of the chest cavity, facing the side of the rib cage in this space makes the bones. Here:

1) the backbone of his chest, back, and protruding in the form of the middle column.
2) involving the chest cavity organs, concave on the sides of two large wall that faces the inner ribs, the ribs of them, leading from the back of the sternum occurred.

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