What is a subphrenic abscess

Subphrenic abscess after abdominal surgery is a common complication-way street, as more sparsely related lung disease.

In most cases, clinical symptoms develop in an insidious way. 10-20 days after abdominal surgery attempt fever, leukocytosis, and heard the border of rib pain kuşkulandırmalıdır subphrenic abscess. In some cases, sudden high fever, chills, abdominal pain, vomiting and fatigue symptoms start. Furthermore, cough, dyspnea, pain in the neighboring diyafrağmaya monitored. Physical symptoms are very toraksda profit monitored.

Radiologic examination, abscess of the right side of the most important symptom hemidiyaf-rağmanın elevation, fixation and reduction of movement. Furthermore epanşmanı pleura, lung, base of the concentration of pneumonitis or atelectasis, abscess in the gas, there are symptoms such as displacement of intra-abdominal organs. Free air under the diaphragm or air-fluid level and concentration seen in the base of the pleura, or lung abscess epanşmanı-nomoniktir for the pathogenesis.
Surgery is the treatment of subphrenic abscesses.

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