Other diseases of the diaphragm

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, especially emphysema diaphyseal-rağmanın morphology and function abnormalities develop. Both resting inspirasyonunda, the movement of the diaphragm and decreased maximal inspiration. Case, the diaphragm down and flattened. Decrease in diaphragmatic motion, parallel to the degree of the disease nature. Maximal muscle contraction is normally part of the diaphragm 10 down, go down, the maximal contraction in cases of severe emphysema is reduced too, may fall below 2.5 sm'in.

Diaphragm disease, emphysema, sometimes more than one view of the dome (poliarkus) develops. Pnömotoraks'da Poliarkus the diaphragm can be monitored.

Reduction in diaphragmatic activity Excessive şişmanlarda Pickwick syndrome develops. This abnormality is an increase in abdominal fat than the diaphragm is related to the difficulty of moving against the resistance. Over şişmanlarda Pickvvick syndrome be drained in diaphragm function, the decrease mainly because of respiratory failure. Pickvvick gradually decreases, and alveolar hypoventilation syndrome consists of respiratory C02 sensitivity.

The main clinical symptom of the disease is increasing hypoxemia, increased blood C02 (respiratory acidosis), polycythemia and excessive sleep. These patients have an excessive excitement (for example, gambling), is an important responsibility (to handle the car), even in cases such as the sleep that inhibit sleep. Hypoxemia, hypercarbia, pulmonary hypertension is complicated by developing respiratory and heart failure. Weak and the rotation of the normal weight of the patient's symptoms disappear.

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