Diaphragmatic hernia

Entering the abdominal organs into the thoracic diaphragm and diaphragmatic hernias. Diaphragmatic hernia of the esophagus passes most yarıkdan (hiatus) husule income. This is called a hiatus hernia. Bochdalek and Morgagni hernias are rare people.

Hiatus hernia, hiatal hernia is

Congenital weakness of the esophagus and obesity, pregnancy, acquired factors can cause the development of this hernia.
There is no clinical symptoms in most patients with hiatal hernia. In symptomatic cases, especially after a meal from husule heartburn, pain, the main clinical symptoms. These symptoms increases provided for informational purposes, when you receive antacid light. Higher incidence of chronic lung disease in these patients obtrüktif. Hiatus hernia and gastro-duodenal radiography often is diagnosed in some other reason. Standard Films in the back of the lower mediastinal air-fluid level can be seen in a shadow. In some cases, a significant portion of the stomach volvulus husule hiatustan comes through. Mediastande one of these cases, the other under the left diaphragm in two spaces, such as air-fluid level is monitored balloon. Definite diagnosis of hiatus hernia in yutturularak barium radiological examination. In these cases, especially the Trendelenburg position (head down-to-belly-up) increases the chance to identify the captured bar-Yumlu radiograph.

Obese patients can be a significant decrease in symptoms zayıflarlarsa disease. Antispasmodik and antacid drugs are used for digestive disorders and pain. These patients sandalyada back on a flat pillow and sitting high and the night is an important way to the left yatmakla reduce the symptoms of the disease.

Medical treatment is an important number of cases, a sufficient improvement in symptoms of the disease. Hernia cases, this treatment could not be successfully treated surgically. Some of hiatal hernia in patients with chronic obtrüktif lung after repair of the hernia surgically hemde significant improvement in symptoms of obstructive lung disease is husule.

Bochdalek hernia

The posterolateral diaphragmatic hernia of Bochdalek hole husule a cause of congenital abnormalities. Usually hernia on the left.

Bochdalek hernia symptoms vary depending on the size of the defect. Exertion and after meals is usually the main clinical symptoms of dyspnea and failure to thrive. Small hernias usually no clinical symptoms.
Radiologic findings vary depending on the size of the hernia. In adults, these hernias are often diagnosed with radiographic examination, a bulge or bump on the back look like the diaphragm. Severe clinical symptoms in patients with surgically treated by transthoracic onarılmasıdır defect.

Morgagni hernia

Morgagni hernia develops just behind the front diaphragm and sternum. Central line or the right or left side of the center line can be. Especially helps the development of obesity hernia. There is no clinical symptoms of the disease many times. Generally, routine radiographic examination or are diagnosed because of bowel obstruction. In some cases, cardiopulmonary and gastrointestinal symptoms may occur.
Surgically treated cases with severe clinical symptoms onarılmasıdır hernia.

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