Diaphragmatic eventration

The diaphragm is high, move or paradoxical motion decreased. Related to inadequate muscle development. On the left is monitored more frequently. Evantrasyon a portion or all of the concerns the diaphragm. If you have severe muscle atrophy in the diaphragm has a paradoxical movement (Kienböck sign) is: inspiration solid intra-abdominal pressure in diaphragmatic contraction and stimulates the patient down the diaphragm rises, the diaphragm of patients even though expiration increases instead of a solid diaphragm goes down.

Evantrasyonunu Diaphragmatic diaphragmatic paralysis is difficult to separate. New vs. old to compare the films will be helpful in the diagnosis of the patient. Cases of paralysis does not husule contraction. Investigated whether there is a disease caused by diaphragmatic parelizine. For example, lung cancer, trauma and other diseases of the mediastinum have proved to be associated with abnormal diaphragmatic elevation Parel.

Many times, evantrasyon cases there is an important clinical symptom. Therefore, a treatment is needed. However, the severe dyspnea husule cases, surgical intervention and the diaphragm plication or plastic patch to repair the weak parts.

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