Diaphragmatic Paralysis

Diaphragmatic paralysis due to primary bronchial cancer. Furthermore, neuropathic diseases, trauma, infections, and surgical procedures cause diaphragmatic paralysis.

The main symptoms of diaphragmatic palsy: diaphragmatic elevation, at least to act, it does not move, or is that paradoxical motion. Coughing, straining and sümkürme or coercive actions, such as snuff pulls paradoxical movement of the diaphragm becomes more pronounced.

Trauma, nöromyopati and if you have other reasons or primary alveolar hypoventilation syndrome with bilateral diaphragmatic parelizi central stimulation of respiration as well as severely damaged in a developing alveolar hypoventilation, hypoxemia, hypercarbia, and respiratory-heart failure patient may die. In these cases, tracheostomy, intermittent positive pressure breathing, oxygen therapy, respiratory and heart failure, and heart is controlled.

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