Diseases diaphragm hiccups Singultus

Diaphragm Disease

Diaphragmatic breathing the air entering and leaving the most important muscle in the lungs about 2 / 3 third of the movement of the diaphragm is provided. Diaphragm and the esophagus, there are holes to pass through the aorta and vena cava inferiyörün: a cleft in the middle of the esophagus passes (hiatus), ahead of two symmetrical holes (holes Morgagni) and the rear two symmetrical holes (Bochdalek holes) are available. The holes where the organs of the abdomen is weak diaphragmatic hernias may occur if regions of anatomical structures. Under the diaphragm on the lung and liver, spleen, stomach or colon contrast radiological limits of the diaphragm determines an appearance.

Sob (Singultus)

Inspirasyonla multiple contraction as a result of a sudden hiccup diyafrağmanm partially closed with glotisin. Glotisin this closure, husule brings the sound of hiccups. And a succession of involuntary hiccups spasmdır clonic. Multi-functional digestive disorder caused by a reflex related to time. Usually clears up by itself every few minutes.

Sob requires continuous nature of the medical treatment.

The main reason Hıçkırığın, suddenly filling of the stomach, irritation and gastrittir. Furthermore, small bowel, peritoneum, pleura, mediastinum, pericardium and may husule diyafrağmanm hiccups with irritation.
There are different treatment of self-exceeding hıçkırığın. The patient's breath hold or cold water to drink may be enough to treat mild hiccups. The withdrawal of the language thoroughly, phrenic nerve in the neck and a printed paper bag breathing may be useful. Show the success of this simple treatment for 5-10 minutes breathing pure oxygen, a mixture of 5-10% C02, or gastric aspiration or gastric washings should be tried.

C02 breathing, dizziness, or convulsions can lead to respiratory acidosis, should be under the bed, checking the. Intravenous 25-50 mg chlor-promazine effective in some stubborn cases. These treatments are not provided the success of a phrenic nerve in surgical operation, usually the left phrenic nerve blockade (anesthesia) is made. This treatment reduces the severity of hıçkırığı or cuts. Must not neglect the treatment of hiccups which cause the disease. For example, congestive heart failure as a result of a persistent pleural epanşmanı husule has come from a hiccup in parallel with improvement in heart failure patients and pleural epanşmanı hıçkırığı decreases and disappears.

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