What is the Treatment of pneumothorax

What is Pneumothorax

Normally the pleural cavity is air. Visceral pleural-raların between the air entering and perietal (pneumothorax), the main reason related to rupture of the visceral pleura. Thus, in the airways and alveoli pleural cavity of air collected. Furthermore, trauma, surgical intervention and the pneumothorax may occur due to diseases of the mediastinum.

Most viewed Spontaneous pneumothorax is a pneumothorax. Air keseciklerinin, air cysts of the visceral pleura or lung parenkimasındaki delmesiyle pleural cavity, an infectious-air additive. 30-40 years of age and more frequently observed in smokers. Pnömotoraksda spontaneous lung watched so many times in the elderly is a chronic disease, such as tuberculosis, am-Fize, interstitial pneumonia, pneumoconiosis, sarcoidosis has.
Diagnosis of pneumothorax for İatrojen toransentez, the biopsy needle biopsy or bronchoscopy, mechanical ventilasyonlarda, excessive loading of alveoli develop.

Traumatic pneumothorax Traumatic rupture of alveoli in the lungs and pleural cavity, the collection of air or outside air is husule. Rib kırıklarıda can lead to pneumothorax.

Clinical and radiological signs

Starts at rest in most patients with clinical symptoms of pneumothorax. Başhcalan of these symptoms of pain, dyspnea, and öksürükdür. Collection of pleural air increases, the two pleural cavity leaves separate from each other and the pain decreases or disappears, but the dyspnea increases.

Upon examination, the enlarged hemithorax, decreased breath sounds and movements monitored.
Chest X-ray of the lung and the parietal-visceral plevralar hilusa shrunk to occur between the air. Tension pneumothorax, especially in cases of large and robust hemithorax mediastinum is pushed.

Treatment of Pneumothorax

Treatment of pneumothorax size, the cause and course of existence depends. And one of the pneumothorax in patients with less than 15% Asimptomatik hemitoraksda palliative treatment usually 1 -2 weeks intraplöral air is absorbed. Oxygen therapy makes it easy to air absorption. Did not respond to treatment and palliative torakslarda larger pneumonia cases under water and the drainage tube is removed from direnajıyla usually discharged into the air a few days. Air leak in the water six direnajıyla önlenememişse torakotomiyle pneumothorax is treated in 7-10 days. Traumatic Pneumothorax surgery is quite often.

Approximately 30% of patients will relapse after treatment of pneumothorax. Pnömotoraksdan probability of recurrence after a second 60% and 85% after the third is from pneumothorax. Therefore, after the second or third recurrence surgically removed from the relevant regional resection.

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