What is Premedication

A step before the end of the preparation for surgery, anesthesia. The patient "begins with hospitalization. Psychological premedication and premedication consists of two sections.

Psychological premedication anesthesiologist begins with a visit to the patient. This visit is made ​​at a time when the earliest time, according to the patient's hospitalization. Reduce their enthusiasm during the visit that great peace of mind to patients anesthesiologist with the patient's file documents previously prepared medical checks, meets with patients and their relatives and the patient makes a calming speeches. If any answers to the questions of the patient and the patient's confidence in him fresh.

Pharmacological premedication for half an hour-1 hour before surgery or before the mouth, blood vessels, through muscle during anesthesia in order to prevent the emergence of the expected adverse reactions to certain drugs, including the use of a treatment method. Thus, the most convenient for anesthesia and surgery, the creation of the media to provide the most secure. For this purpose, Anksieteyi (depression) to prevent, sedation (sedation provide), including for children today as the most common among these drugs diazepam benzodizepin derivative (diazepam) and Dormicum (midozolam) is used. They are tense and anxious patients, activates the sympathetic nervous system. This activation is not required for anesthesia and sedation can be avoided. The drugs used in patients with a hand in peace kavu┼čtururken effect on the other hand prevents an undesirable inconvenient.

Amnesia (loss of ability to recall) is a very effective drug for the same Dormicum. Patients with the effect of this drug for themselves, foreign and frightening environment of the operating room, surgery, etc. go. do not remember the events later.

Analgesia (pain relieving) is usually a short-acting opioids for the next dormicumun drug is added to the group. This drug also has sedative effect. Therefore, according to the type of surgery or in combination, sometimes instead of Dormicum Morphine, Meperidine, Fentanyl is also used as medicines.

Some medicines used to prevent nausea and vomiting. Vomiting and nausea in the irrepressible tendency to develop and deepen anesthesia, there is a possibility. Vomiting, gastric residues remain open even if the gastric fluid to prevent the possibility of escape from the lungs causes. For these reasons, pre-operative nausea and vomiting, especially if you have diseases of the stomach emptying of preventive medications to prevent stomach acid pH with the sim-enhancing, accelerating gastric emptying in a group of drugs are used together or separately.

Anti-vagal effect and anti-sialog sometimes be needed for some drugs. If the salivary secretion of the anti-sialog will operate inside the mouth can lead to effective drugs should be used. Anesthesia and surgical incision operations shall commence its operations during the reflexes sometimes considered harmful. Vagus nerve stimulation to the most important among them resulting from bradycardia (reduction in the number of heart beats) leads to reflex effect. Both effects can be prevented with atropine or drugs by Hyoscine.

Anesthesia drugs used to reduce the dose of painkillers or sedatives at the same time provide a benefit in terms of reduced use of anesthetic drugs. Anesthesia drugs what medicine is as harmless as the most dangerous and risky eachothers agree to form a group of drugs. Pain relievers and sedatives increase the effects of anesthetic drugs. As a result it is possible to provide the same effect by using fewer doses. Is a desired effect in anesthesia premedication in this domain constitute the primary purpose of an effect.

Anesthesiologist when to apply which drugs for premedication or the period of preparation before going to bed at the hospital or after serving a patient tells you about the travel documents during the visit of the author anesthesia records. Once this process is completed preparations for surgery patients.

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