Anesthesia Pre-Famine Period

Open the operating table should come as all patients will be operated. Began to receive anesthesia or more of alcohol, drugs or excessive doses of sedative drugs when taken at the beginning of anesthesia in patients with vomiting and increased tendency to vomit. At this stage, coughing, sneezing, protective reflexes such as swallowing reflexes in the name of our work. The reflexes from the stomach as a result of vomiting or regurgitation from the stomach to the beginning of pipe the mixture a pale throat and stomach to prevent fluid escaping the lungs, so-called protective reflekslerdir. Anaesthesia at the beginning of the period running from the stomach throat reflexes undigested particles from the semi-fluid, lungs and stomach surgery to prevent the escape of the stomach is completely empty, are asked to begin.

The stomach is completely empty of food eaten depends on the time required to pass to leave the stomach completely. In general, solid foods, coffee, milk, liquid foods, such as the stomach by a longer period of time to leave. In addition, surgical stress leads to prolonged gastric emptying.

All of these features, taking into consideration

Too much the night before surgery, patients, and difficult to digest solid foods and liquids and light foods, rather than to take,
Not do breakfast on the morning of surgery,
Interrupts dinner 5-6 hours before surgery, 3-4 hours before water is allowed iƧebilmelerine, but even 3-4 hours before the water is essential to know iƧememelerinin,
Shorter duration of children's hunger is retaining them is a different application. This application is the age of the child's milk, formula or breast-feeding depends on beslenmemelerine. Mama and the milk leaves the stomach more quickly than later breast milk. Hungry children to remain in the preoperative fasting period must be known that determination to be decided in consultation with anesthesia specialist.

Dental prostheses, jewelry, glasses, contact lenses, false eyelashes, cosmetics, surgery, while the issued, or cleaned, the patient's nails should be trimmed. Prostheses and jewelry display materials are not very careful during the operation. These materials may be broken, lost, damaged or even damage to the patients. Metal charms, rings are used in surgery can cause serious burns due to cautery.

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