Inappropriate Use of Drugs Before Anesthesia

End groups are collected. Anesthesia and the preoperative discontinuation of drugs required in the first group monooksidaz inhibitors (Maol) is known as the drugs used for depression and psychic. Which group of drugs used by patients to know that they are to be expected. Therefore, patients using this drug in the treatment of psychic anesthesia specialist medicines, particularly that of emergency surgery. In the show, and this treatment must be required to notify their physician. Physicians must also questioning whether such a treatment that is required. MAOI drugs used in anesthesia such as adrenaline and pethidine, and show a severe incompatibility with the over-stimulation of the brain (eksitasyonuna) as a result lead to the emergence of deadly statements. The second group of blood used for reconstitution of warfarin or Coumadin, Plavix (Clopidegrel) to create drugs with aspirin. These drugs, warfarin or Coumadin should be discontinued before surgery, you need to place ten or fifteen days of this treatment started by another group of drugs should be recommended by consulting relevant branch of specialization. Plavix and aspirin together or separately, are currently being used more and more common drugs. 7-10 days before the discontinuation of these drugs is recommended. The third group of drugs used in the sugar-lowering medications in the form of diabetes. Anesthesia before and after surgery the patients will remain open for a while considering that drugs in human blood sugar level of the remaining open until the fall will lead to the dangerous boundaries shall not be operated on. If necessary during surgery and after the sugar is found to reduce the high insulin controls blood sugar is used. In fact, those with diabetes, "Anesthesia in Patients with Diabetic" by applying under the special regime are also discussed.

In this section, the names of all medications given warfarin, Coumadin, Plavix, aspirin or even used drugs for diabetes, or other places in this book by looking at yazılanlara should not be stopped by the patients themselves. Written here is written to inform patients. Patients must take these drugs before cutting the branch expert opinion of the physician and must have broken under his control-s. Related medicine expert recommends cutting the parts you need other treatments. Sometimes the drugs may cause interruptions to expectations on the objection. In this case, considering the drugs cut the risk of surgery can be done. Patients were always the only way that the rules and always apply to them, be applied to other drawbacks can occur, so the patient needs to know can be done according to the sometimes exceptional practices, physicians should leave the final decision. Here, the main purpose of the disclosure is extremely important that the relationship between drugs and anesthetic drugs used by patients to know and forget about the anesthetist to submit any information to provide. The patients leave their physician what to do.

Accepted Inappropriate Medications

In general, prescription drugs made ​​from plants are used and they are among the vitamins, natural plant-based drugs, used against stomach ekşimelerine of medicines called anti-acid, more and more widely used in birth control medications.

In general, there is no thought of such drugs in some of the drawbacks when it comes to anesthesia, is understood to be objectionable. Others considered harmless except for vitamins A and E vitamins does not make any objection is considered in terms of anesthesia. Vitamins A and E to increase the pre-operative bleeding is recommended to be cut. Other drugs used for birth control drug group adopted objectionable. These drugs increase the risk of postoperative thrombo-embolism is considered. 4 weeks before surgery and discontinuation of birth control pills for at least two weeks after the surgery is appropriate to start. More doses of anesthetic drugs in spite of regular doses of melatonin given kullanılmalarına leads them to such effect. This language of medicine "to potentiate the effect is called.

Herbal remedies among the people called and admitted or transferred from a natural plant has been sold and used for various purposes such substances are considered to be objectionable in terms of anesthesia. This is about the wide range of materials is not yet complete and adequate examination. Although it is not very clear information rights in order to minimize the risk of anesthesia, the anesthesia for at least two weeks before the discontinuation of these drugs is recommended.

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