Anesthesia Test

In terms of general health status of patients after anesthesia expert examination of blood urine tests, chest radiograph, ECG, electrolytes or liver function tests such as routine investigations may require further or additional investigations or consultations with other specialists. After the examination and consultation with the patient's treatment if you have to be a major health problem, treatment of the disease before it starts. After obtaining the desired improvement in the patient anesthesia and surgical plan is made.

Investigations that are necessary or whether the anesthesiologist decides what happens. Each patient before anesthesia is a necessity as some investigations requested. Whether there is appropriate anesthesia for the patients of private investigations. Health problems are not only the patient before surgery and the risk of causing discomfort complaints according to the classification of ASA I or ASA II group, the patients may not be required further evaluation. In addition, studies have been performed recently in patients with diagnostic tests of patients with pre-anesthesia, anesthesia for these tests are considered as tests. Patients in such cases would require specialist investigations are already in their hands when they hit the head anesthetist as a ready income. General anesthesia for some patients to help determine whether they are appropriate in terms of anesthesia and demonstrates sanmaktadırlar special test. Today's medicine, there is this kind of testing. Anesthesia specialists use the organs or impair the function of each physician's use of the tests. Many of these tests have already been built by their physician, patients in the period before anesthesia anesthetist shoot the head. Therefore, after examination of new investigations each patient does not need anesthesia. If you need to decide if it anesthesiologist.


Finally, in preparation for surgery, given the decision and work to be done after a certain date refers to the operation. During this period of psychological and physical aspects of anesthesia for patients is extremely important to be prepared.

Preparation for the A-Psychological Perspective

They apply to the patients, surgery, anesthesia, the procedures, hospital stay, how to pass post-operative period, normally do not hear the pain, informed on issues and events facing a deliberate means to prepare themselves. Patients want to know a lot of these issues as possible. The lack of knowledge is often a tendency to believe in others, they are very different patients, physicians, patients, patient carers trying to learn something and try to resolve this lack of information many times get anything wrong. Sometimes they tell their physicians may be contradictions between what they learn with the new. More information collection requirements of the patients duymamalarından enough confidence in their physicians, fear, fear of future harm caused to them. Physicians to be aware of this situation and the information and confidence in yaratmamaları space, or incompetent patients and doctors say people who know the information is wrong, except to collect studies have reportedly knew any.

Psychological preparation of children as adults should be treated different. Anesthesia, surgery, hospital bed, to stay open after surgery in different age groups such as the events of the child is perceived differently by patients. This causes changes in the children according to age shows the preparation time. In general, children up to age 4 anlamlandıramazlar the operations. For this reason, a few hours before the surgery be done to them and explaining the feelings of love and trust more easily prepared pekiştirilerek surgery. Psychological preparation for children between 4-8 years with a few days in advance, children 10 years of age and puberty is starting to be done at least one week in advance. Preparation for anesthesia and surgery during the children can understand the truth about the way, the confidence you need to explain their feelings and rocked. Especially against the needle to remove the fears çalışılmalı, the pain will not hear, will become more healthy, get rid of difficulties caused by the disease should be emphasized.

Preparation for the B-Physical Aspects

The preparation of the recent surgery, drug treatment and alcohol use, smoking, drug use and other rules must be adhered to be understood. Of course, on the morning of surgery in the transactions covered by this preparation.

Drug Treatments - Anesthesia Relationship

Anesthesia will be two groups of patients that drug therapy. subject. The first group are not related to surgery and anesthesia and the patient is taking medications for other ailments, due to the second group would get the surgery and anesthesia drugs. The first group of patients with diabetes is usually a chronic lung or heart disease, high blood pressure due to diseases such as asthma medications is continually forced to use is located. A drawback of these drugs are not taken in the period before anesthesia, patients are admitted to knowledge of these drugs under the anesthesiologist is requested to continue.

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