Anesthesia Examination

A lot of history related to the anesthesiologist during the examination the patient asks questions. Some of these questions is whether the patient's anesthesia in the past few years, have lived and not live in any trouble, whether or not the family you have problems with anesthesia to take, how many permanent ladder also seen in resting, lie on the pillow at night only yalamadığı, cough, bronchitis, asthma, there are any complaints, diabetes, heart pain, heart jam, whether complaints of dizziness, smoking is using alcohol or drugs, because of any health problem is using a drug in the form of questions to determine the general health problems. Patients were not hiding anything at all to these questions, give accurate and detailed information is required. Some patients, "I do not have anything," he or they want to ward off this question '"examinations were all here, from there you see, learn,"' show the form of a behavior pattern. This behavior is not correct and the physician can cause illusions. For example, patients with cataract surgery is to be based on preliminary examinations and surveys by adding incelemelerdir always. Patients, however;; anesthesia is required for the examination of the general health status. Inquiry begins with the review, examination continues.

Anesthesiologist during examination focuses on three main regions. These airways, respiratory system and circulatory system. The body's respiratory system, mouth and nose with starting and ending part of the windpipe. Anesthesiologist in this region the upper and lower jaw size, in terms of relations with the larynx, the mouth can not be opened easily and fully opened, the mouth when the tongue appears small imaging-rünemediği, head movements are not limited to, the number of teeth, placement forms, whether solid or rotten aspects of olamadıkları examines. See if it is swelling in the neck, blood pressure meter, pulse, respiration counts listens to the sounds. Height and weight learns. The purpose of these inspections and examinations under anesthesia are easy or difficult breathing, can not be used, additional medication is needed to determine whether the dose of medication to try and use.

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