What is Essential Tremor Alzheimer's

Peculiar Shake: What is Essential Tremor

What is involved in the diseases?

Most of them are involved in the differential diagnosis of a disease, a condition called essential tremor. This "familial tremor", "familial tremor" in the call. Seems quite common. Essential tremor, shows a peculiar form of chills. Parkinson's disease, tremor, at rest, tremofun essential tremor occurs in the opposite motion. While at rest in patients with essential tremor tremor'lu there. If the patient is relaxed, even though his arm was on his lap or put on the table, would not be shivering. But I began to use the time to raise his hand in, for example, coffee-tea drinking, eating dinner starts to tremble. This is a tremor of Parkinson different. When you look at as a type of essential trenıor'da flicker. more subtle and quick release when there is a tremor, a tremor Parkinson'daki slow and rude. Technical terms, speaking of Parkinson's shake 5-6 hertz frequency, while the other frequency is around 11-12 hertz. Parkinson's disease patients in the community every trembling thought. Although less is known more commonly olmasma essential tremor. Flicker, sometimes mild, but sometimes can be very severe, the patient can not write at all, you can not eat. Where they stopped at about 5 percent of patients with essential tremor doom. Here is the difficulty they sometimes draw your diagnosis, I wonder this, Is essential tremor, Parkinson's Is not she? Essential tremor in the same ill Parkinsonlular heyecanlanınca like, when I am angry, happy, and even increased titremelerinin say, "No Sakinken no vibe. Evdeysem titremiyorum alone. But I have to talk to someone across the pass, my friends to bring a tray of tea state, while all eyes on me, then shake starting to say ".

Essential tremor'u, separates Parkinson's disease and other features, the two have to match? Essential Tremor ailevidir very seriously. At least two-thirds of patients say that the mother or father side of the vibrations. Such as essential tremor or Parkinson's usually begins in old age, but sometimes very young age, children can begin even at an early age, especially the prominent feature The person family. This all may continue throughout life. Essential tremor, Parkinson's, such as the amount of more than one side, that is usually asymmetrical. On the other hand, a person with the essential tremor'u, 2-3 times higher than the risk of occurrence of Parkinson's disease. Sometimes you just say good observing patients, "Mr. Doctor, I'm used to using my hand, do not ever shine, there were fine and a vibe. Now, I've been occurring anywhere in a coarser form of tremor has been added." These cases included on the essential tremor'un cases of Parkinson's disease. So sometimes the two can coexist, and often at a Parkinson's disease, essential tremor'u will follow ...

Do you have Parkinson's and other diseases are involved in it?

The second group involved in the context of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease have other diseases. Especially slowing of gait, arm, leg, to be stiff, with symptoms such as facial maskeleş-Mesi. Engaged in these diseases, to be involved with Parkinson's "Parkinson's plus syndromes (Parkinson's plus) is called. These are relatively frequent encounter one of the multi-system atrophy (MSA) or" multiple system atrophy, "we call disease. Defines the disease name is already in the nature of the disease. Parkinson's disease in the foreground, while the substantia nigra'da disorder, multi-system involvement is more common there atrofisi'nde. He let me explain with an example. Parkinson's disease, but the lamps have a problem with a solid power plant that provides electricity. He provides electricity for lights burn in the outside . Multi-system atrophy is not going as well as electric lamps have a problem. His power is given to even yanmayabiliyor lamps. It looks like Parkinson's disease, but it separates the property from him, an imbalance in some of the patients, a portion of the urinary incontinence, severe drops in blood pressure like symptoms or all of them have more than one. Also, a part of the Parkinson's patients does not respond to treatment with either no improvement or a partial and temporary shows. This is the classic Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's syndrome after the most frequently seen among the causes of degenerative type. This cousin of Parkinson's disease, or also say that a close relative. The second is a disease, PSP (progressive paralysis of eye movements). Here again, the important feature of Parkinson's table. In particular the slowdown in movement, there is rigidity, but also falls for no reason that these patients since the first years. In addition, eye movements, a starting to slow down, glance up and down, especially at the beginning, all kinds of eye movement, increasingly restricted. Another rare "degenerative Parkinson's" in the CBD of type (corticobasal ganglionic degeneration) that we call disease. Here is a table that very asymmetric and very stiff. Parkinson's disease, as well as This disease begins with the asymmetric, or even much more pronounced asymmetry. a party to a very prominent, stiff and yavaşlamışken, on the other side not find any evidence. This disease is rare and much more tremors in a few years added to the table in a form of dementia.

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