What is Empyema (Pyotoraks), Treatment of Empyema

Empyema, purulent pleural epansmanıdır, gradually increases after the start of the ciddileşir. Empyema of the pleura, the spread of pulmonary infection in a very high income. Furthermore, thoracic trauma, thoracic surgery can lead to empyema and subphrenic abscess. Pneumonia, lung abscess, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, empyema, and complications are the major causes of cancer.

Pyojen staphylococcus, pneumococcus and empyema strepkoklar most common infectious agents. These bacteria are anaerobic bacteria, many times, with gram-positive and-negative bacteria is located.


Purulent pleural fluid, empyema If there is a quality win. In some cases, fibrous adhesions, or ankiste lolalize is causing empyema. When the two pleural infection under control with treatment sometimes leaves partially adheres to local or widespread. Early and effective treatment in cases of the disappearance of pleural abnormalities on the surface of the situation becomes normal in a few months.

In some cases, bronchial fistula and pleural cavity husule bronkoplöral income combined with each other. More rarely, empyema chest wall by opening the "ampyema nesessitatis" husule income.

Clinical and radiological findings

Do not respond to an adequate antibiotic treatment, complications of pneumonia or lung abscess, empyema kuşkulanmalıdır cases.

Empyema the beginning of the symptoms of acute illness, pin high fever, insomnia, anorexia, and disease. A few weeks after the start clubbing.

There are radiographic appearance of pleural effusion, but a definitive diagnosis thick purulent fluid was aspirated with a needle visualization is provided. Received fluid cytological and bacteriological submitted for review. Bronchoscopy with bronchial cancer, or whether there is a foreign body should be investigated. If you have doubt Bronkoplöral pleural fistula is injected into a sterile 2% methylene blue 2. Sputum bronkoplöral fistula if there is blue. An antibiotic such as rifampicin intraplöral red color to red staining of sputum is injected into the fistula proves bronkoplöral. Bronkografı done in these cases is determined whether the fistula location and bronchiectasis.

Treatment of Empyema

Infection control, evacuation of pus and pleural cavity of the lung is the major treatment goals ekspanse. Not too dark matter in cases of empyema, aspiration and antibiotic treatment often can be a good result.

Thoracentesis drained the liquid culture of Koch bacilli and aerobic, anaerobic culture are examined. And that culture is the appropriate antibiotic therapy. Aspiration or drainage is required .. Without effective medical treatment, surgical treatment is applied. Thickened parietal pleural peel is removed (dekortikas-tion) and bronkoplöral fistula sutured closed. Pyojen infections drug treatment is continued a few weeks. Some of tuberculosis treatment is extended Empyema sometimes a longer period of time is completed in 2 years.

Bronchial complication of cancer treatment in cases of empyema palliative nature. When liquid is poured over, and the cytostatic antibiotic is injected locally.

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